Who is Sevilay Gültekin? GÖNÜL DAĞI MERYEM Biography

 The girl who did not see the eyes in the series Gönül Dağı became the subject of curiosity. Those who watched the series wondered about this new actor in the series. And who is Meryem of the Gönül Dağı? Who is the girl that tea maker Rifat likes? Who is Sevilay Gültekin, who has just joined the Gönül Dağı cast? How old is she? What are the TV shows he plays in? Where is he originally from? What's his sign? How tall and how much does he weigh? The answers to all these questions are often wondered by the viewers of Gönül Dağ at the moment. For this reason, we have tried to prepare a biography article describing the character of Meryem in the series, Sevilay Gültekin by her real name. You will be able to access the answers to many of the questions you are looking for through our article. Of course, as the actor gives an interview, new information will also appear. Let's remind you in advance that over time we will be able to go to the edits in our article and make updates. Here is the life of Sevilay Gultekin!

Who is Meryem of the Gönül Dağı?

In the series Gönül Dağı, the name of the girl who does not see the eyes that the character of Çaycı Rifat loves is Meryem. Sevilay Gültekin gives life to the character of Mary. Thanks to this series, the young actress got an important opportunity. So who is Sevilay Gültekin?

Who is Sevilay Gültekin?

Sevilay Gültekin is a model and actress. he was born in 1997.

She received her university education at Istanbul Gelişim University, Department of Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication.

Before starting acting, she attended various workshops and received training related to the profession.

She studied front-camera acting with Beyti Engin at the Character Design Workshop, No10 Studios Art School and Metin Balekoğlu.

She also studied professional acting at Dialog Narrative Communication.


in 2018, she performed the role of (the General's Wife) in the theater play Sevgili Doktor.

She had her first series experience with the Yeni Gelin series in the same year and gave life to the character of Tourist Anna in the series.

in 2019, she took part in the TV series Elimi Bırakma with the role of Tern's youth.

Currently, she is giving life to the character of Meryem in the series Gönül Dağı, which is broadcast on TRT 1 screens.

Hasan Güngör continues to take part in new and different projects by being registered with the management agency.

Hobbies of Sevilay Gultekin

The young actress, who has an extremely smooth diction, also dominates the dialects of different regions.

Azerbaijani English and Turkish are spoken at the university.

Sevilay Gültekin, who loves dancing and cycling very much, is engaged in sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis.

He continues his life in Istanbul today.

Height And Weight

The actress, who has appeared in commercials for various brands such as Pantene, Garnier, Colorinsider, is 1.62 cm tall, her weight is not yet known. His exact date of birth has not been reached, so his zodiac sign is also unknown. It is also not yet known where he was originally from. Information such as whether she has a lover is not yet known. (We can add it to our article as we get new information in the coming days)

Instagram Address of Sevilay Gültekin

Sevilay Gültekin actively uses Instagram on social media. He diligently takes extremely high-quality photos. At the time of this writing, he has 5,399 followers. It is expected that this number will increase rapidly as the episodes in the Gönül Dağı series increase.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sevilay.gultekinn/


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