Who is NURİ GÖKAŞAN? Starring Serials! GÖNÜL DAĞI Actor

 Who is Musa, the dentist of Gönül Dağı? Who is Nuri Gökaşan by his real name? How old is she? Where is he originally from? What are the serials and films in which he starred? What is his zodiac sign, height and weight? The answers to all these questions are currently dec searched for in search engines by viewers of Gönül Dağı. That is why we tried to make a biography article about the artist. Thus, you will have easy access to the answers to many of the questions you are looking for. Here is the life of Nuri Gökaşan!

Who is Nuri Gökaşan? Biography

Nuri Gökaşan is a writer, director, voice actor and actor.

He was born on June 20, 1950 in Ankara.

His childhood was spent in the Saracoglu Neighborhood in Ankara.

As a child, his hair was long, and his nickname was Red Kit.

His father was a bureaucrat.

He attended high school at Ataturk High School in Ankara.

He graduated from the School of Journalism and Public Relations of the Ankara Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences with a degree in Radio and TV.

from the age of 19, she began performing in theater plays.

He worked at the Ankara Art Theater (AST), Dormen Theater and received the Turkish Art Institute's Best Male Artist award in 1989 for Athol Fugard's Island play.

With her play ”Dance of the Trees", the Ministry of Environment was awarded the Environmental Spelling Acquittal.

He has performed in 34 cities in seven countries with his one-man theater play Adam Adam.

In his youth, he stayed abroad for a long time.

It was during this period that he adopted the hippie philosophy.

After returning from abroad, she worked in theater ensembles such as Contemporary Stage, Ankara Art Theater, New Theater.

Then he moved to Istanbul.

He has worked as an actor and director in such ensembles as Teatro Kedi, Dormen Theater, Gencay Gürün, Teatro Istanbul, where Hakan Altiner was the artistic director, Teatro Kare, where Nedim Saban was the artistic director.

Gökaşan, whom we know as a TV series, film and theater actor, is also a voice actor.

She has been involved with her voice in many projects.

He has worked as an actor and dubbing artist in numerous TV series, commercials, documentaries on TRT and private channels.

His hobbies include collecting money dec writing poetry and screenplays.

He has managed to collect almost all the money of the last sixty years.

He loves classical Turkish music and Blues very much.

She loves classical Turkish music so much that she even named an office after her daughter.

He has a daughter named Segah.

Classical music artists include such names as Muaz Decez Abaci, Muzeyyen Senar, Muazzez Ersoy, Sibel Can, who are their favorites.

His favorite fantasy character is Uncle Varyemez.

He also did the voice acting himself.

He is the author of the books Adam Adam and Twenty-One. Currently, the artist plays the character of Musa the Dentist in the series Gönül Dağı, which is released on TRT 1 screens.

Where is Nuri Gökaşan From?

He is of the sign of Gemini. he is 1.76 tall. He continues his life in Istanbul today. He is originally from Ankara. Facebook Instagram, Twitter and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms. At the time of this writing, he has 4,415 followers on Instagram.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ngokasan/

Twitter https://twitter.com/ngokasan


2020 – Gönül Dağı
2016 – Kertenkele
2014 – Yeşil Deniz
2013 – Ben Onu Çok Sevdim
2011 – Keşanlı Ali Destanı
2008 – Serçe
2007 – Kod Adı Kaos
2006 – Kod Adı
2005 – Savcının Karısı
2002 – Pembe Patikler
2002 – Baldız Geliyorum Demez
2000 – Samyeli
2000 – Gazeteci Yazarını arıyor
2000 – Acemiler İş başında
1997 – Sevda Rüzgarı
1997 – Neşeli Günler
1990 – Hayırlı Bir Konu
1984 – Sessiz Film
1983 – Yazıyor


2015 – Son Mektup
2011 – Seni Kalbime Gömdüm
2010 – Şenlikname: Bir İstanbul Masalı
2005 – Organize İşler
2003 – Vizyontele Tuuba
2000 – Hoş Geldin Cumhuriyet
1998 – Cumhuriyet

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