Who is NİHAN DURUKAN? Who is GÖNÜL DAĞI KAMURAN? How Old Is? Sequences

 Who is the Kamuran in the series Gönül Dağı? Who is Nihan Durukan by his real name? How old is Nihan Durukan Yapıcı? What are the serials and films in which he starred? What's his sign? How tall and how much does he weigh? Currently, the answers to these questions are wondered by the viewers of the series Gönül Dağı. The life of the player dec joins the Gönül Dağı players is curious. Wikipedia information is being researched. That is why we have tried to prepare a biography article with information about the famous actor for you. Thus, you will be able to get answers to many of the questions you are looking for through our article. Of course, sometimes new information may appear or the information may become outdated. Therefore, let's remind you in advance that we can make adjustments and updates to our article in the coming days.

Who Is the Gönül Dağı Kamuran? Who is Nihan Durukan?

Nihan Durukan is a writer, theater, TV series and film actress.

His full name is Emine Nihan Durukan Yapıcı.

He was born on September 26, 1975 in Istanbul.

Nihan Durukan Yapici, who studied acting at the Kadıköy Public Education Center, Şahika Tekand Studio Actors, Ferhan Şensoy Sentry Theater,

since 1995, she began performing in theater plays.

Yapıcı started his acting career with plays such as ”Oğlum Adam Olacak“ and ”Müzikli Kent", and played in numerous TV series such as Karakolda Ayna Var, Berivan, Büyük Yalan, Binbir Gece, Home Ofis, Seksenler, Kefaret.

There are also motion pictures such as Short Passages in the Narrow Space in which he plays, The Last Executioner, the Dairy Philosopher Istanbul.

In addition to his work on plays and screenplays, he is also the author of the novel “Benimle Bir Gece”.

He has also prepared and presented the TV programs ”Hayatın İçinden“ and ”İstanbul'un Enleri".

During his career, he has also appeared in various commercials.

Nihan Durukan Yapıcı was married to Necmi Yapıcı, an actress like herself, in 2016 and continues her professional life as an actress and writer at the Yapıcı Theater, which they founded together.

Benimle Delirir Misin? she has been performing successfully for many years with her theater play titled “Ormantik Komedi” in 2019 and has played an active role as both an actress and a writer in the theater play "Ormantik Komedi".

She has recently joined the cast of Gönül Dağı.

In the series, Asuman's mother plays the character of Kamuran.

Blackklist continues to take part in new projects by registering with the agency.

Height And Weight

Finally, let's give you the following information that may be curious.

The actress, who was born and raised in Istanbul, loves cats and dogs very much.

he has 6 cats.

It is the sign of Libra. he is 1.68 tall and weighs 59 pounds.

Instagram Address

She actively uses social media.

He usually prefers Twitter and Instagram.

At the time of this writing, he has 13,300 followers on Instagram.

The number of followers on the successful player's account is increasing every day.

It is expected that this number will continue to increase as the episodes of the Gönül Dağı series progress.

Instagram Address https://www.instagram.com/nihandurukan/

Twitter Address https://twitter.com/nihandurukan

Films and Serials in which He Played





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