The Cast Of The Series 'KADERİMİN OYUNU! The KADERİMİN OYUNU Is The Subject Of The Series

 Who are the actors of the drama series of Kaderimin Oyunu? What is the location of the directory? Where is it filmed? Which actor portrays which characters? When does the series of The Kaderimin Oyunu begin? On what channel and on what day? The answers to all these questions are currently being wondered. We have also tried to prepare a series of analysis articles for you that contain answers to these questions. We tried to give information about the new series. Here are all the details about the new series of Akın Akınozu, which is among the ambitious series of the 2021 - 2021 TV series season, the Kaderimin Oyunu…

Cast Of The Kaderimin Oyunu And The Characters They Portray

Emre Kabakushak is sitting in the director's chair of ’The Game of My Destiny", which was produced by NGM Media – Nazlı Heptürk. The script of the series is written by Gul Abus Semerci. The names of the players expected to take part in the series of The Game of My Destiny and the characters they portray are listed below. The cast of the series is not completely formed. Currently, casting auditions are underway, and new names will also be announced in the coming days.

Akın Akınözü – Cemal

Öykü Karayel - Asiye

Sarp Apak

Esra Dermancioglu

Kaan Çakır

Meric Aral

The Subject of The Kaderimin Oyunu

The series of The Kaderimin Oyunu will tell the story of a mother with two children who was abandoned by her husband, full of difficulties.

In the series, Asiye, who could not stand the pressure of her stepmother, ran away at the age of 17 and married a man named Cemal.

In fact, Jamal and Elif, who have a happy home, have two sons named Narcissus and Umut.

While Cemal dreams of becoming rich in a short way, Helin, a wealthy woman, comes out and marries Helin, leaving everything behind.

Elif, who is left alone with his two children, is confronted by Mahir, and Elif's life completely changes in an instant.

When And On Which Channel Does the series The Kaderimin Oyunu Begins?

Filming of the new series has begun. Some images have been shared on the Instagram page, but a promotional video has not yet been released. The series is expected to be on the air probably in November with the first episode. The series will be released on Star TV screens, but for now its day is unclear.

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