The Cast of The MASUMLAR APARTMANI! Watch The Last Episode

 The series of The Masumlar Apartmanı continues with episodes of the new season. Viewers who missed the last and new episode dec make searches in search engines to watch the series in full and in one piece. Well, the Masumlar Apartmanı is 41. how to watch the episode? 41. The episode was broadcast on TRT 1 screens with Episode 42 of the series. The trailer for the episode is also eagerly awaited. Who are the players of the Masumlar Apartmanı? On what day and when does the series air? The article where you can find the answers to these questions is published!

The Cast And Subject Of The Masumlar Apartmanı

Masumlar Apartmanı is a Turkish psychological and drama television series produced by OGM Pictures and written by Deniz Madanoglu and Rana Mamatlioglu. The film stars Ezgi Mola, Birkan Sokullu, Merve Dizdar and Melisa Şenolsun. The series began airing on TRT 1 on September 15, 2020. In the director's chair of the series, Çağrı Vila Lostuvalı and Çiğdem Bozali are sitting.

Actors And Characters They Portray

Safiye Derenoğlu (Ezgi Mola)

Safiye Derenoğlu (Ezgi Mola): The first child and first daughter of Hikmet and Hasibe, Gülben is the older sister of Han and Neriman. He was raised by his mother's pressures. He's in love with Naci. He is extremely meticulous about cleaning. He nicknames everyone he doesn't like, calls himself “cRazy Dudu”, looks like a tough and emotionless person from the outside, but he is quite emotional. He's overprotective.

Han Derenoğlu (Birkan Sokullu)

Han Derenoglu (Birkan Sokullu): He is the third child and only son of Hikmet and Hasibe. Inci's ex-wife, Safiye and Gülben's brother, Neriman's older brother. He grew up in a dormitory under the pressure of his mother. He is the CEO of his father's company ’Su.

Gülben Derenoğlu (Merve Dizdar)

Gulben Derenoglu (Merve Dizdar): The second daughter of Hikmet and Hasibe. Safiye's brother is the elder sister of Khan and Neriman. He was raised by his mother's pressures. He is in love with Esat. A dreamer is a sensitive and emotional person.

Rüya (Melisa Şenolsun)

Rüya (Melisa Şenolsun) : Esra's cousin.

The Masumlar Apartmanı is 41. Watch The Episode

You can watch the last episode in full and uninterrupted form at the following address.

Apartment 42 of the Innocents. Episode Trailer

While the family is enjoying the happiness of Khan's return home, a sweet rush begins with Gulben and Esat's marriage decision. Hikmet insists that they take Esat's family as soon as possible and come to ask for Gulben properly. Safiye both experiences the stress of strangers entering the house and worries about how to prepare the house in such a short time. The dream is that when they meet Han, he makes sure that Anil tells him everything, and he desperately makes an important confession to Han. What Han learns when he witnesses the Dream and his mother's conversations changes his view of the Dream. Finally, the day of asking will come and go. Gülben makes a plan that will never happen to get through that evening without an accident, but this plan will make it even more difficult for him. TRT 1 is open every Tuesday at 20.00 with new episodes of “Apartment of the iNnocents”, a masterpiece adapted from the true, painful stories of real lives!

The series created by Onur Güvenatam focuses on the psychological state of four brothers living in the same house in Istanbul and the life around them. The series is adapted from the episode “Garbage Apartment” of Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu's novel Inside the Coin, published in 2004.

The producer of the series is Onur Güvenatam, the Producer of the practitioner is Ayşıl Tay Balcı, the directors are: Çağrı Vila Lostuvalı and Çiğdem Bozali. Deniz Madanoglu and Rana Mamatlioglu are writing the script. Specialists advising on the script of the series: Psychiatrist Dr. A specialist Psychologist is Ayşenur Güngör, a Specialist Psychologist is Pinar Daldikler and Rain Artukmac. The work for which the series was scripted belongs to Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu.

The cinematographer of the series is Özgür Demir, the Artistic Director is Amber Derya Doğan, the Editing Director is Emrullah Hekim. Alp Yenier is preparing the music for the series. The Decor Design Officer is Murat Güney, the Construction Officer is Samet Kayabaşı, the Space Officer is Mustafa Güneş, the Production Supervisor is Erdal Özenc, the Construction Coordination Officer is Munevver Gani, the Reji Coordination Officer is Asli Özköroglu.

Where Is it Filmed?

The apartment used as the main venue in the series is the Basic Apartment located in Beyoglu, Istanbul. The venue used as the Khan's office is the Antique Lace HQ / Showroom located in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, the construction of which was completed in 2020.

1. Season Summary

Gulben and Safiye are two brothers with obsessive behaviors. In particular, Safiye is influenced by the negative role modeling that her mother creates on her, and this is the reason behind her behavior. Han is the only brother in the house where the brothers live with their father. The main goal of Khan in life is to take care of his faithful family. However, Khan's life will change after seeing the Pearl. He will fall in love with her and aim to be happy together. Han is a character with various behavioral disorders, just like his three brothers, his anger control problems will become apparent in his attitude towards Pearl on the axis of “possessiveness” and sexist behavior, while childhood traumas will push him to mix and accumulate garbage. Neriman, the youngest brother of the family, is affected by the problems he has in his daily life and in his family. Naci, who is a literature teacher from her school, is the ex-lover of her older sister Safiye. If you can't forget Safiye, Naci will settle down at the hotel opposite the family apartment building. Inci, a radio operator, lives with his brother and grandfather, will accidentally move into the family apartment of Han, whom he met and married after an accident. The main reason for Pearl's restlessness is the men in her life. Inci, who hates his father, has to insinuate his grandfather's protectionist behavior in the face of his loyalty and loyalty to his brother and grandfather who has taken care of him. Her ex-fiancé, Decile, is also among the men who have caused problems in her life. For Deci, Khan follows a different line between the men he has known until that day, and his sudden marriage is a response to family situations that they see as a problem in their lives for both this reason and for both. However, Han's mansplaining attitude and behavior differences often make Inci ask the question of whether he knows him well enough.

Esat and Esra are close friends of Khan and Inci in the series. While Asat is Khan's childhood friend, they are also colleagues, and Khan refers to Asat as his “only friend”. Esra is a friend of Inci's from the radio and they broadcast radio together. Flashbacks in the series are also often used, referring to the basics of the development of the characters' moods and the problems they are experiencing.

2. Season Summary

In the time that has passed since the death of Pearl, no one has been left to struggle with the new challenges of life. Memduh and Ege try to support each other and those in the apartment, while Khan completely closes himself to his former life after leaving the hospital affects everyone, especially Safiye. Now the problems at home have become unbearable. Khan's condition, Naci's illness take Safiye's obsessions to a much further stage. Gulben gives up her own happiness to be with her family as usual. Hikmet, on the other hand, continues to give everyone difficult moments because of his forgetfulness while experiencing the effects of his progressive illness. In the end, Neriman, who cannot stand this situation, takes the ropes in his hands and takes a step forward. But an unexpected guest coming to the apartment will change the course of business.

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