The Cast of The DÜNYA HALİ Series! TRT! All Actors And Characters

 TRT 1 continues to be the center of attention with its recently released series. One of the new season shows of the channel is The Dünya Hali. So who are the Dünya Hali cast? Who is who in the series? Which actor portrays which character? Who is the screenwriter of the series? What day and time is the Dünya Hali? Where is it filmed? Is he going to make a final? We have prepared a series of analysis articles with answers to all these questions. So you will have easy access to the answers to the questions you are looking for.

Dünya Hali Cast

Caner Şahin – Sinan
Pelin Albay – Kıvılcım
Ozan Çelik – Azim
Tolga Tekin – Güven
Hakan Emre Ünal – Vural
Mert Denizmen – Yüksel
Selin Hasar – Zeynep
Ayfer Tokatlı – Fulya
Hüseyin Elmalıpınar – Halis
Mekin Sezer – Kutlucan
Adnan Başar – Talat
Naşit Özcan – Burhan
Zeki Ocak – Namık
Eray Kaman – İnan

Is the Dünya Hali Going to Be the Final?

There are also those who like the series a lot from those who watch it, and there are those who don't like it very much. In terms of subject, we can say that it looks like a series of Leyla And Mecnun. Apart from comedy, it is also a series that sometimes gives emotional and social messages. It can be said that the audience that wants the series not to end is the majority. We can understand this by looking at the sour dictionary comments and comments from the series' social media accounts. However, considering that those who don't watch don't comment much, the only option left is rating rates. Although it is not yet fully receiving the desired attention, there is no known official final decision on the series. In any case, TRT does not easily take its series to the early finals. At the time of this writing, the official Instagram page is followed by 7,225 people. The series has about 23,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel.

Where Is it Filmed?

Viewers are also interested in where the series was filmed. Let's answer this question as well. The series is being shot in various districts of Istanbul.

When Is The Dünya Hali And What Time Is It?

The State of the World is broadcast on TRT 1 screens every Wednesday at 20:00.

Who is the Screenwriter?

Firstly, the script of the series is not written by a single person. In the introduction of the series in the genre of absurd comedy, the names of the screenwriters are given. These names are Murat Kaman, Idris Meydi, Osman Nail Dogan, Cem Tuncer and Eray Kaman. It is produced by Ahmet Tarık Güven and directed by Murat Zaloğlu.


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