The Cast And Subject Of the Series SANA SÖZ! Where Is the Series Filmed? When?

 In this article, we will give you the names of the actors of the Sana Söz series and the characters they portray. What is this series about for you? Where is it filmed? When and on which channel does it start? You will be able to get answers to such questions. Also for those who are wondering 1. An introductory trailer for the episode has also been added to our article.

The Cast And Subject Of the Series Sana Söz

The new series of Star TV, ‘Sana Sçz', has an exciting topic. In the series starring Erkan Petekkaya and Nehir Erdoğan, the story of Elif and Ömer, who is not surprised by his path for the sake of believing in everyone, despite everything, will meet with the audience. The new series of Star, starring Erkan Petekkaya and Nehir Erdoğan, was produced by Sana Söz series by O3 Media. The series is directed by Şenol Sönmez and written by Ali Erkan Ersezer and Sertaç Sayın.

The Subject Of The Sana Söz Series

There is a pattern that has been coming for many years. An unjust, ruthless, dishonest order... roles have been created in this order for all of us... someone will be killed, lost, slaughtered and their lives will be wasted. Some people choose to be part of this order, watching from afar only what is happening... But there are some who nod off. He chooses to fight, to fight. As soon as he puts his heart out for these lives that are disappearing, He doesn't shut up, he breaks memorization, he doesn't bow down! This is the story of those who raise their heads for justice, those who do not bow down ... The story of Elif and Omar, who is not surprised by his path for the sake of what he believes in everyone, despite everything ... The fate of two wounded lovers is to unite and fight. The role that is given to them in this life is to fight.

'Sana Söz is coming soon in the Star with its breathtaking story.

Cast And Characters Of The Sana Söz

The full cast of the Sana Söz series has not been announced, but for now, the cast and characters that are likely to be in the series are listed below. Let's remind you that over time, there may be changes.

Nehir Erdoğan- Elif
Serkan Altunorak- Erdem
Aslıhan Kapanşahin- Duru
Atakan Hoşgören- Umut
Ali Önsöz- Bora
Gökçe Yanardağ
Emin Olcay
Ayçin İnci
Hivda Zizan Alp- Naz
Cansın Çekili

An introduction to the Lyric series has also been published for you. Star TV is a channel that has a lot of watched tuesday, even though it is known for its series that make it to the finals quickly. The vast majority of the comments made to the presentation are that the series will be of interest. The new series is eagerly awaited.

Sana Söz The Promotional Video

Sana Söz The Instagram Page


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