MELİS MİNKARİ Age! Birthday - Height - Dramas - KARDEŞLERİM AYBİKE Biography

 Who is Melis Minkari? Who is Kardeşlerim Aybike? How old is? Does she have a boyfriend? Currently, the answers to a large number of questions such as Kardeşlerim are being searched for in search engines by viewers of the series. dec. Melis Minkari, who is among the cast members of Kardeşlerim dec, has been the subject of curiosity about her age, height and weight in the series. That is why we have prepared a biography article with information about the young actress. Of course, as the young talent gives new interviews, more detailed information about himself will appear. Let's remind you in advance that we can make adjustments and updates in the coming days in our article. Here is the life of Melis Minkari!

Who is Melis Minkari? How Old Is? Age

Melis Minkari was born on August 20, 1998 in Istanbul.

He has an older sister who is 9 years older than him.

He took drums and guitar lessons.

She completed a Professional Acting course at Dialog Narrative Communication.

Melis Minkari, who speaks English well, is a graduate of the Private Şişli Terakki High School.

She also studied acting at the Craft Acting Workshop.

Finally, he plays the character of ”Aybike Eren“ in the TV series ”Kardeşlerim".

She has also appeared in the second season of the Netflix series “Aşk 101”, which aired in 2021.

Gaye Sökmen continues to take part in new projects by registering with the management agency.

Melis Minkari Weight in Height

It has the characteristics of a Leo sign. he is 1.60 tall and weighs 50 pounds.

In his spare time, he loves to play the guitar and piano, watch movies.

She uses Twitter and Instagram on social media.

At the time of this writing, he has 20,500 followers on his Twitter account and 749,000 followers on his Instagram account.

The number of followers of the young player is growing every day.

It is expected that these numbers will continue to increase as new episodes of Kardeşlerim series are aired.

Twitter Address melisminkarii

Instagram Address melisminkari

Who is Kardeşlerim - Aybike?

she's 17. A little arrogant, open-eyed girl who always dreams of more than what she has. Although his courage sometimes causes him trouble, he is a friendly and quick-thinking character who finds it difficult to keep his mouth shut.


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