KIRIK HAYATLAR Cast And Story! 2021 Turkish Drama Series Kanal D

 Channel D has selected the Kırık Hayatlar series as a daily series for the 2021 - 2022 season and continues to broadcast it. So, what is the topic of the series Kırık Hayatlar? Who are the actors of the series Broken Lives? Where are Kırık Hayatlar filmed? In this article, we will provide information about the topic of the series for you. We will introduce the names of the actors who are in the cast and the characters they portray. The series is still ongoing and the cast can be updated over time. Let's remind you of that. Here are the details about the Kırık Hayatlar series.

The Subject of the Kırık Hayatlar Series

Kırık Hayatlar is a daily television series in the Turkish drama genre signed by Sentry Production – Inter Media.

Berna Akpınar and Metin Namlısesli are the producers of the series.

Its directors are Ilknur Uğuz Arslan and Bekir Dadaş.

The script and story writers are Yaşar Aksu- Nilüfer Yenidoğan Özmekik, Pinar Ordu, Ibrahim Güler, Melek Ordu.

The music of the series was prepared by İrsel Çivit.

The series is usually shot in and around Izmir.

The series of Kırık Hayatlar shows what two young people can afford for their love, how a mother can leave everything behind for power, and the big showdown between families with the dec of secrets in the Kocabey mansion. It is broadcast every weekday at 11:00 on the Channel D television channel.

The general story of Kırık Hayatlar, which continues to show what two young people can afford for their love, how a mother can leave everything behind for power, and the emergence of secrets in the Kocabey mansion, as well as the great deceptions between families that will take place on the screens, is as follows;

Beautiful, smart, looking for her right under any circumstances, Deniz comes to Izmir, where her family lives, after graduating from university. Çınar completed his business administration education abroad and started working at Kocabey Holding. Two young people meet as a result of a coincidence in Izmir. Deniz's mother lives by tailoring, and her father runs a coffee house. Sycamore is a member of the Kocabey family. Despite growing up in a rich environment, he has a modest personality. When will the paths of Deniz and Sycamore cross again ? Will Deniz be able to find out the truth about his mother? What are the secrets kept by the Yılmaz, Kocabey and Yüksel families?

Kırık Hayatlar Cast

The Names Of The Kırık Hayatlar Actors - Actress And The Characters They Portray

Deniz Yılmaz (Meltem Akçöl)

Meltem Akçöl 

he is 23-24 years old. She attracts attention with her dizzying beauty, strong personality and firm posture. What affects people on the Sea is its character as much as its beauty. The sea is temperamentally calm, merciful and at the same time very courageous. Although he has a boss in front of him, if there is an injustice, he will say it and will not spare his words. He is stubborn and combative.

Çınar Kocabey (Erdem Yılmaz)

Erdem Yilmaz

at the age of 25-27, he is an attractive guy, whom girls can not take their gaze off when they see him. He is sympathetic and sincere. He's helpful. After completing his high school education, he wanted to study photography, but he studied business administration at the insistence of Fehmi Bey, whom he considered his father. Although he grew up in a rich family, he does not value money. When he finishes school, he starts working in a holding company. He often travels abroad and abroad and takes photos. His biggest dream is to open an exhibition. When the Sea comes across, his life begins to change.

Ahu Kocabey (Mine Çayıroğlu)

Mine Çayıroğlu

she is a rather beautiful and ambitious woman of 45 years old. He is smart and scheming. He is successful in influencing people with his words. He is a complete problem solver when he comes to his job, he makes a mess when he doesn't come to his job. She studied nursing, but she hasn't done her job for a long time. She is the bride of Kocabey mansion. in his 20s, in order to get out of his poor life, he had an affair with Mahmut and had a daughter with him. Ahu, who has a high eye, left her daughter to her older sister Aysel, found a boarding job at the Kocabey mansion, and using her energy, skill and femininity, married one of the sons of Fehmi Kocabey, Yalchin. The couple also has a daughter named Esin. Ahu, who is in love with money and power, loves Yalçın, who makes him live in wealth, values him. He ignores his daughter, whom his sister is looking at, while his daughter holds the Breeze in her hands.

Aysel Yılmaz (Burcu Almeman)

Burcu Almeman

Aysel, at the age of 48, is Ahu's older sister and Story's mother. She is an impressive woman with an imposing and dignified posture who stands tall, looks straight. He's bland enough to handle everyone, rather than dominant. When his brother Ahu tried to give his daughter to a foster home when she was a baby, he took care of her as his own daughter.

Fehmi Kocabey (Atsız Karaduman)

Atsız Karaduman

although he is 70 years old, he looks younger. His wife died many years ago. He has a son named Yalçın and a Sycamore tree that he raised for adoption. The eldest son died in a fire in the mansion. He is the head of the Kocabey family. He manages both the Kocabey companies and the Kocabey family. He is a tough, hard-minded, responsible, intelligent man who is overly attached to his values. He doesn't talk much, even though he talks, he doesn't raise his voice, he beats him with his eyes, with his gaze. Had the last say. He will never tolerate the questioning of his authority.

Yalçın Kocabey - Murat Onuk 


he is a 45-year-old, handsome and wealthy businessman. He marries Ahu, his mother's nurse. Yalçın Kocabey is extremely fond of his wife Ahu and daughter Ese.

Yalçın, who is the chairman of the board of directors of Kocabey Holding, becomes the only official in the company with the death of his brother Mustafa. But with the return of Çınar to Izmir, things will change. He is a person who believes that respectability and power pass through money, constantly strives to be successful and strong, values his father's word very much. He is a determined , just, principled and a man.



she is a well-groomed, beautiful and smart woman, about 38 years old. Leyla, who is originally Albanian, meets Mustafa in Cesme, where she is coming for a vacation, and falls in love. Leyla, who is only 18 years old, decides to marry Mustafa.Leyla, the first bride of the Kocabey family, is shaken by the news that Mustafa has died in a fire in an outbuilding while waiting in her room to give the good news to Mustafa as soon as she receives the news that she is pregnant. After that day, Fehmi Bey became the head of the textile-fashion house owned by Kocabey Holding. Although he is constantly in conflict with Ahu at home, it is his job and son who would say leave.



He is the husband of Aysel. 50 of the age. He's a lazy, busy guy. It operates a coffee shop in the neighborhood. Although she sees Deniz as her daughter in the early years, she also has to constantly clash with Deniz in her battle to get rid of the gambling wreck that she has fallen into. And when he finds out about Aysel's illness, he sinks as he sinks to earn money out of desperation.


The story is about a 19-year-old young girl full of life who does not lack a smile on her face. While preparing for the exam to support her family, she also works as a seamstress with her mother Aysel. He lives with Deniz with the dream of the day when he will finish school and save his family from this poor life. Mert meets Mert, a story that everyone loves very much with his energy that brings joy around, and starts working at Kocabey holding. She is an assistant to Leyla and Mert at the textile-fashion house.



she is a beautiful, well-groomed and ambitious 19-year-old girl. He is the only child of Ahu and Yalçın. Kocabey grew up indulging in wealth in his mansion.He never thinks about working. He is a person who often goes on trips, loves shopping a lot, takes great care of his physique and appearance.

He has long admired Sycamore and dreams of marriage with her. Although she can't tell anyone about it at first, her mother doesn't escape Ahu's eyes.The fact that Sycamore does not look at Breeze with that eye makes Breeze even more ambitious. It makes Sycamore obsessed.



at the age of 21, he is a charismatic, cool, but not so friendly, intelligent teenager. The most valuable of Leyla is Mustafa's memory. He is very fond of Cousin Breeze. He has high self-esteem. Her mother is working with Leyla to support her and on the one hand, she is preparing for university exams. He is a favorite of all the girls in the company. After falling in love with the story, his outlook on life changes.



at the age of 30, he is a quarrelsome character who prefers to smile dec than laugh, frowns when angry, occasionally waves a rosary. He is the cousin of Sycamore. When his father tried to become the head of the house while he was in prison, he got the reaction of Nuran Hanım, and he had to step back. He is a high school graduate and the head of the established company. Serdar works with Kocabey Holding. For this reason, the two families meet, although not often.



he's about 25 years old. Yüksel is the youngest child of his parents and a university graduate. He doesn't have very big goals in life, all he cares about is that Esin falls in love with him.



at the age of 25, she is the ex-fiancée of Çınar, who fills the eye with her beauty. He is fond of spending money, traveling. She is an insincere, pretentious, ambitious, vindictive and at times frightening evil woman in all her relationships. Sycamore begins to get close to Yalcin when he is abroad.



he's about 35 years old. The owner of the photo studio is the secret partner of Sycamore. He was born the only child of a wealthy family. After losing his parents in a car accident, he set aside a property that would provide him with a minimum of living, sold what was left and set up a photography studio with Cınar.

The Complete List of The Cast

Meltem Akçöl (Deniz), Erdem Yılmaz (Çınar), Mine Çayıroğlu (Ahu Kocabey), Burcu Almeman (Aysel Yılmaz), Atsız Karaduman (Fehmi Kocabey), Murat Onuk (Yalçın Kocabey), Arbnora Ademaj (Leyla), Zafer Öztürk (Şevki Yılmaz), Uğurhan Tekin (Serdar Yüksel), Felicia Sağnak (Ela Erduran) , Erdi Ünver (Barış), Mustafa Bademoğlu (Özgür Yüksel), Yeşim Çelebi (Esin Kocabey), Hatice İrkin (Öykü Yılmaz), Sedat Berke Özkök (Mert Kocabey), Ümit Ufuk Tosun ( Turgut), Sabriye Günüç (Hayriye), İbrahim Coşkun (Tekin), İbrahim Coşkun (Tekin Yüksel), Özlem Fidan Kamalıoğlu (Nuran Yüksel), Serdar Kamalıoğlu (Mahmut), Mesude Türkmen (Suzan), Hilal Attar (Zeki)

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