Who is Kardeşlerim Talya? Who is İrem Salman by his real name? How old is Lilya İrem Salman? What is the date of birth? What's his sign? What are the TV shows he plays in? Where is he originally from? The answers to all these questions are currently often searched for in search engines by viewers of the series Kardeşlerim dec. In addition, the physical characteristics of the young player, such as height and weight information, are also curious. For this reason, we have prepared a biography article about İrem Salman, who is among the cast members of Kardeşlerim series. dec. We have also added the Intagram and Twitter address to the end of our article. Of course, as the actor gives an interview, the opportunity to get to know him more closely and get more detailed information will occur. Therefore, let's remind you in advance that we can make additions to our article over time. Here is the life of İrem Salman, the Talya of Kardeşlerim series!

Who is Kardeşlerim Talya – İrem Salman? How Old Is?

Irem Salman was born on September 22, 1999.

Her full name is Lilya İrem Salman.

He attended high school at Fettah Tamince Anatolian Maritime Vocational High School.

She continues her university education at Haliç University, Department of Theater.

She had her first TV series acting experience with the series Kardeşlerim, which is being broadcast on Atv screens.

She gives life to the character of Talya in the series.

Salman gives life to the character of Talya, who is a close friend of Suzan Manyasli's daughter Harika.

In the series titled Kardeşlerim, she stars alongside such names as Lizge Cemert, Halit Özgür Sarı, Kaan Sevi, Çağla Şimşek, Damla Su Ikizoğlu and Celil Nalçakan.

Erdem Güney continues to take part in new projects by being registered with the management agency.

Height And Weight

The player with the characteristics of a Virgo is 1.65 cm tall and weighs 58 kilos. The talented actress, who lives her life in Istanbul, is originally from Artvin, Arhavi. Apart from his acting, he also has a very beautiful voice. From time to time, she sings when she is with friends, and her voice is very appreciated. He is a complete animal lover and can ride horses. It is also closely related to painting. He often uses Twitter and Instagram on social media. At the time of this writing, he has 5,109 followers on his Twitter account and 555,000 followers on his Instagram account. In addition to her successful acting, the number of followers of the young talent, who is also attracting attention due to her beauty, is increasing every day. It is expected that this increase will continue rapidly as new episodes of Kardeşlerim (For My Family) series are published.

Twitter Address Lilyairemsalman

Instagram Address lilyairem


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