HÜLYA AYDIN Biography! Who is HÜLYA AYDIN - Emanet Semra Series

 Who is the Emanet (Legacy) sequence Semra? Who is Hülya Aydin by her real name? How old is she? Where is he originally from? What's his sign? What is his height and weight? What are the shows he's been starring in? The answers to all these questions are very often sought by viewers of the TV series at the moment. In order for viewers to get information about actress H Decl Dec Aydin, she performs various search queries in search engines. We have also prepared a short biography article containing the answers to these questions. Thus, you will be able to easily access the answers to the questions you are looking for. Let's remind you in advance that if we can get information that we can't find in time, we can also make adjustments and updates to our article. Here is the life of Hülya Aydın.

Who is Hülya Aydın?

Hülya Aydın is an actress. He was born on April 26, 1975.

in 1995 - 1996, he attended the Dialog diction course and studied as a presenter and announcer under the Ecder Fluik instructor. in 2001, she graduated from Bilkent University Theater Department with a major in Acting. In addition, since 2017, he has received various acting trainings at the Craft workshop under the tutelage of Çağ Çaşışkur and Tugçe Tanış.

Serials And Films In Which He Starred

Keloğlan Sultan Kız has taken her first steps into acting with the series Aşk Buraya Uğramıyor. in 2016, Sevda gave life to the character Esma in the series On the Wing of a Bird. in 2018, Oflu Hoca Trakya'da in a movie. He also played in the series Arka Sokaklar in the same year. from 2018 to 2019, he played in the Bozkır series.dec. in the 2019 -2020 season, she played the mother of Doctor Ali Vefa in the Mucize Doctor series. in 2020, she took part in the series as the wife of the older brother of the character Feride in the Oath series. Currently, he is appearing with the character Semra in the TV series Escrow, which is the favorite daily series of the Channel 7 screens. Sofita continues her professional career by being registered with a Management agency and continues to participate in new projects. The successful player who usually uses Instagram on social media has 5,146 followers on his account as of the moment this article was prepared. It is not known where the player with Gemini was originally from. Information such as whether he is married, his height and weight have not yet been reached.

Instagram Address of Hülya Aydın https://www.instagram.com/hulya_aydin_/


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