GÖNÜL DAĞI New Season Cast! Watch The Latest Episode And Trailer!

 Who are the Gönül Dağı cast? The Gönül Dağı series continues to be broadcast on TRT 1 screens with its second new season. So which actors are in the cast for the new season of the rating-breaking series? Who is who in the series? How many episodes has Gönül Dağı been going on for? Where is the Gönül Dağı? Has the last episode and trailer been released yet? We have prepared a series of analysis articles with answers to these questions and much more. Here are all the details about the series…

Gönül Dağı Cast And Its Subject

The actors and characters of the Bridge Film signed Gönül Dağı series, which began airing on TRT 1 on October 17, 2020. Detailed information is provided at the bottom of the pictures. The names of the actors of Gönül Dağı and the characters they portray.

Berk Atan - Taner Kaya - is an intelligent, intelligent, knowledgeable and dreamy young man who invents all kinds of things in the town. He has been in love with Dile since childhood.

Gülsim is the childhood sweetheart of Ali – Dilek - Taner. He is an engineer. After many years, he returned to the town where Taner lived from Istanbul.

She is the older sister of Ekem Özkaya – Zahide Kaya - Taner. Has three children. He divorced his first wife and married Sefer.

Ferdi Sancar - Sefer - is an honest, honest, kind-hearted person of the town. Dolmuscu is. He is married to Zahide.

He is the uncle son of Jihat Cavalioglu – Ramadan Kaya - Taner. He has a mustache and has a funny personality. He is in love with Asuman, the mayor's daughter.

He is the uncle son of Semih Ertürk – Veysel Kaya - Taner. He's a car body shop. He is married to Cemile.

Ali Düsenkalkar is the father of Muammer Kaya - Veysel, the uncle of Taner and Ramadan. It's the wedding.

Erdal Cindoruk - Hussein Kaya - is the father of Ramadan, the uncle of Taner and Veysel. He's a crier.

Gulhan Tekin - Gunshil Kaya - Hussein's wife is the mother of Ramadan.

Feyza is the wife of Işık – Turned-Rock - Muammer and the mother of Veysel.

Ege Aydan - Munir is the mayor of the town. He is the father of Asuman.

Hazal Çağlar - Asuman Korkmaz - Munir is the daughter of the President. He is in love with Ramadan.

Eser Eyuboglu - Selami Fersoy - is a musician of the town. He sings songs with his beautiful voice and makes money.

Nazli Pınar Kaya - Cemile Kaya - Veysel's wife is the daughter of dentist Musa.

Serkan Kuru - Kenan Acar - is the new doctor of the town's health january.

She is the mother of Shabnem Dilligil – Halime Kaya - Taner and Zahide.

Yavuz Sepetchi is the father of Javelin thrower Abdullah - Muammer and Hussein; He is the grandfather of Taner, Veysel and Ramadan. As he was interested in javelin in his youth, his nickname is “Abdullah the Javelin Thrower”.

Nuri Gökaşan - Dentist Musa - is the dentist of the town. He is the father of Cemile.

Hossein Amiable - Coffee Shop Rifat - is the coffeehouse of the town. Everyone calls him “Kellerin” because his hair is very sparse.

She is the wife of Çiğdem Aygun – Keriman - Selami Fersoy.

Zumre Megreli - Nurse - Elif is a nurse in the health january of the town.While living in love with Serdar, Serdar's town

She is the mother of Ulviye Karaca – Gülsüm Teacher - Dilet. He's the most respected teacher in town. It provides education to the illiterate.

Sercan Inceer - Seyfettin - Munir is the Vice President.

She is the sister of Guliz Aybay – Zeynep - Nurse Elif.

Onur Gökmen - Artist Ahmet - is an actor and teenager of the town. He is engaged in theater together with Günşıl.

Ada Nizamoglu - Taner (little) - portrays the smallness of Taner.

Cemre Demircan - Dilek (little) - portrays the littleness of Dilek.

Samet is the eldest child of Deccan – Erkan - Zahide.

Beril is the middle child of Karademir - Sedef - Zahide. She is a cheerful and lively girl.

He is the youngest child of Ali Toptaş – Ismet -ZAHIDE. He has a cute, cute face with glasses.

Where is the Gönül Dağı?

Gönül Dağı is a Turkish family and love television series that started broadcasting on TRT 1 on October 17, 2020. The series was inspired by the steppe stories of the writer Mustafa Çiftçi. The Bridge Film production series is produced by Ferhat Pezincek. In the director's chair is Yahya Samancı, who was previously the director of the Yesil Deniz series, which reached a wide audience. The series stars Berk Atan, Gulsim Ali, Ecem Ozkaya, Ferdi Sancar, Cihat Süvarioğlu and Semih Ertürk.

The filming of the series is taking place in Sivrihisar district of Eskişehir.

The series is adapted from the unpublished stories of the writer Mustafa Çiftçi. Its slogan was published on the series' poster as “An Anatolian tale on the steppe”.

The series tells the story of three uncles living in a town called ”Gedelli", namely three cousins. These three cousins, who have been doing small-scale inventions since childhood, such as inventing things, tinkering with technological tools and repairing them, continue to make inventions when they grow up and develop an airplane with a different wing structure.

On the one hand, the love and ability of cousins to invent and produce, on the other hand, funny events and love relationships that take place in the town make the series fun.

The director of the series is Yahya Samancı, the producer is Ferhat Assiz. The main story of the series is inspired by the stories of the writer Mustafa Çiftçi. The script team consists of Ali Asaf Elmas, Mustafa Becit and Teoman Gök.

The second director of the series is Aslı Kahraman, the cinematographer is Sami Saydan, the editing director is Ahmet Teke. The music director of the series is Hasan Saltik, and the music is composed by Engin Arslan, Mayki Murat Başaran and Sunay Özgür.

The cast director of the series is Yelda Gürkan. The head of the Reji coordination center is the Favorite Association, the production supervisor is Yunus Bingöl and Ilyas Nayir, the venue manager is Yunus Ejder, the cameraman is Murat Ceylan, the invention consultant is Hasan Kum, the set photographers are Doğukan Bostan and Ege Kavaz.

Watch the Latest Episode of Gönül Dağı!

“Gönül Dağı" 34. Chapter Summary: Ramazan, who decided to leave the town when Asuman let him down, finds Abdullah, the Javelin Thrower, just as he was about to leave. Ramazan and Abdullah the Javelin Thrower go on a journey. Will the idea of Ramazan change at the end of this path? What kind of adventure awaits Taner and Veysel, who had to fulfill the promise made by Muammer before the accident? Zahide rolls up his sleeves to melt the ice between Dec and Halima. Will a Wish that cooperates with Zahide be able to get into Halime's eyes this time? Will Sefer, who had a hard time in the rush dec job search after losing the tender, be able to find a job? On the other hand, what kind of surprise awaits Cemile and Veysel, who are going to the hospital to check up on the baby?”

The address where you can watch one track is 34. Watch The Episode In One Piece

Gönül Dağı 35. Part 2. The Trailer https://youtu.be/Gvo-LsDXxGs


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