Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Latest News! When Will He Recover? why is my facebook not working

 Wp crashed. Facebook Instagram has crashed? Is the Internet down? Social media crashed at the last minute. Whatsapp crashed. All these phrases are very quickly searched for by citizens in search engines at the moment. dec.

FacebOok Instagram, WhatsApp, WhatsApp crashed at the same time. Citizens who tried to get into the applications were left in a daze. Often the first thing that came to mind was whether there was a malfunction on the Internet, but citizens who saw that Twitter was working understood that the problem was caused by the relevant applications. The cause of the malfunction, which has been going on for about 1 hour, is unknown. It is observed that the outage is active almost everywhere throughout the world. It was observed that users flocked to Twitter after the applications used from all over the world did not work.

It is not known at the moment when the malfunction will be corrected and why it was caused. We can see comments on the need for the situation to improve as soon as possible, especially among young people, in other media. When will he recover? the answer to his question will be wondered in the coming minutes. Therefore, if new developments happen, we will edit our article. Details about the latest status sondurumne.com it will be at the address!


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