Elkızı Cast And The Subject! New Turkish Series FOX TV

 Fox TV continues to broadcast its new series in a dec. One of those shows is The Elkızı. So when will the eagerly awaited series begin? Who are the actors of the Elkızı series? Who is who in the series? Which actors portray which characters. What is the topic of the Elkızı series? Where is it filmed? The answers to all these questions are curious to viewers. Therefore, we have prepared a series of analysis articles about the new series for you. So you will be able to quickly and in detail find out what you are wondering about. Here are all the details about the Handmaid's Tale series.

By the way, let's specify from the beginning how to decipher ‘El kızı’? there may be those who are wondering. TDK says that the combined spelling, that is, the spelling in the form of ‘elkızı’, is correct. However, when the analyzes are examined, they are searched in a decoupled manner in many search queries related to the series. Therefore, our article is written in its discrete form. However, the truth is that it is in the form of ‘Elkızı’.

Where Is it Filmed?

El Kızı is a Turkish television series in the drama and love genre. The filming of the Elkızı series is being done in Ula district of Muğla, but let's also remind you that it can be done in different provinces and districts in the coming days.

The Subject of the Series The Elkızı

The series is about the fate and revenge of a young girl named Ezo, who was orphaned at a young age, living the fate of her mother. The story of the series was announced in the following words.

“The day the ship began to take on water, they threw down the first “hand girl”..”

We were a very happy family. Mom was a baby in my dad's eyes. She was my grandmother's daughter, not her daughter-in-law. It was one of your whole family. Then one day my father loved another woman. She was their daughter until the child she gave birth to, and my mother was Elin's daughter all of a sudden. The day the ship started taking on water, they threw the first anemia from the ship.

Girls who lived the fate of their mother. But there's something they don't know. I took my fate from my mother, my blood from my father. I don't take care of myself like my mother.

What was he really saying in the folk song? “Is there a sieve on the wall? Will his hand become an angel?”

Well, since we have been the subject of folk songs, we have to give it its due.

Am I Not going to burn down the ship that they threw me on now?

The Cast of Elkızı

Recently, promotions and posters for the series were released. In particular, their banners were highly appreciated, and therefore the citizens began to wonder about the actors of the series.

Sevda Erginci, Fikret Kuşkan, Perihan Savaş, Ismail Ege Saşmaz, Munir Can Cindoruk, Sedef Avcı, Toprak Solam, Alikça Öztürk, Firat Dukuroğlu, Nur Yazır, Çağla Şimşek, Sinan Arslan, Pelinsu Çili and Macit Koper are playing successful names such as.

Elkızı, produced by NTC Media and produced by Mehmet Yiğit Alp, is written by Hilal Yıldız while Feride Kaytan is sitting in the director's chair and the script of the series is written by Hilal Yıldız.

Currently, the official Instagram page and YouTube channel are open. At the time of this article, his series has 34,500 followers on his Instagram account. He is also 43rd on the series' YouTube channel. it has 600 subscribers. Of course, as the episodes are published in the coming days, these numbers will increase rapidly. We have added the addresses here in case anyone can't find them. Now let's inform you about the cast, if you wish.

Elkızı Instagram https://www.instagram.com/elkizifox/

Elkızı YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCi5AudWL4I1UsuojMBa2QQ

It is unclear when the 'Handshake’ will start. “eLkizdi”, which will lock viewers in the screen with its strong cast and story, will probably start airing in November. Now come on, let's see who's in the cast together.

The Names Of The Actors Of The Elkızı And The Characters They Portray

Ezo Bozdağlı


With the death of his mother, he was orphaned at a young age, was humiliated by his father while growing up, was ignored by his paternal grandmother and grew up decadent, so he developed a combative, vengeful character. He decides quickly, when he gets angry, his eye sees nothing, he can burn a quilt for fleas…

There are two purposes in life. One is to become a teacher like her mother, the other is to have a love marriage... She has sworn that she will not marry a man like her father and will not live the fate of her mother.

Cavidan Bozdağlı

Ezo's paternal grandmother. A traditionalist, dominant woman... The only thing that matters to her is blood ties... She does not tolerate anything that will damage the dignity of their last name... she loves Ezo, but she also does not compromise on what she knows correctly. That is why grandmother and grandson often face each other.

Resul Bozdağlı

Nobran, hoyrat, a rude, loveless, cruel man... Very smart, but evil intelligence…

He was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. When he became the head of the company that his father created from scratch, all the negative features worked and almost created an empire of fear…

He's in a relationship with multiple women. And when he got married, he continued these relationships. But where has she always been the favorite mistress…

Ayfer Bozdağlı

A provincial, gossipy, peasant cunning who clumsily tries to keep up with the class he skipped…

When Ayfer's parents died, he raised his brother by himself... his loneliness made him vulnerable in town. The Messenger took advantage of this and supposedly protected Ayfer by making her one of his mistresses... Ayfer never hoped that she would be chosen as a bride by Javidan after Zeliha's death…

His greatest fear is to make Rasul or Cavidan angry... he is very afraid of losing this life that he could never have imagined. However, can't keep his mouth shut. He often pushes the lines, although he does not dare to cross the lines.

Harun Karasu

He is aware of his good looks and the impact it has on women. He does not hesitate to use these features to achieve his wishes. It does not have the traditional male codes. It doesn't bother him that the woman is a mercenary, on the contrary, he sees it as an advantage. But just because he has money, he doesn't have an affair with an ugly woman.
Ezo is very different from the women who have ever come across him. Although his style, speech, clothes do not suit Aaron at all, the young girl is strangely attracted to him.

Ali Demir

The company's partner is the grandson of Ekrem, an ancient friend of Ezo's grandfather. They grew up with Ezo. Over the years, Ali's feelings have gone beyond friendship, but Ezo has continued to see him as a friend, a friend.

Unlike Aaron, he is a reliable, honest, good-looking young man. His passion and jealousy for Azo lead to the fact that he gets combative from time to time. He makes every sacrifice to get the young girl, but this insistence pushes Ezo further away from her.

Zeliha Bozdağlı

She is an educated, strong and independent woman. Ezo's mom. Although everyone is told that she committed suicide, she was actually thrown off the balcony by her husband during a fight.

Seher Çetin

Seher has been jealous of Ezo ever since. He thinks that she is a spoiled girl who lives comfortably. No matter how much Esma wants to keep things warm between the two of them, she won't come back to the decider. Even if he feels obliged and laughs in Ezo's face, he won't stop talking behind his back. She hates wearing her shrinking clothes, is jealous and secretly hones in.

Bekir Yılmaz

Unreliable, spoiled by his sudden class jump thanks to his older sister, he is fearless and dangerous…

Bekir was raised by his older sister Ayfer and was always despised. Her sister's marriage to Rasul Bozdaglı provided her with the comfort and wealth she always wanted for the first time, but it was not enough for her to gain the respect she desired. It is not taken into account by the brother-in-law. Instead of giving Rasul Bekir a job in the company, he treats him to a dog that he walks with a leash.

Ekrem Demir

Ali's grandfather. The 49% partner of Bozdagli Holding is a decent man. A true gentleman who knows manners…
Cavidan is her first and only love in life. He still shudders when he sees Cavidan. He has a great respect for her.

Aslı Yaman

Aaron's secret love... There is a great attraction between them. dec. For now, no one knows, but the truth is that she is actually a married woman. Her husband is a troubled man... He is in prison for qualified fraud (stockbroker vs.)…

Nermin Şanlı

Nermin is the very old Venetian mistress of the Messenger. Nermin's relationship with the Messenger lasted for many years in secret.


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