ELBET BİR GÜN Cast And The Subject! New Turkish Series FOX TV

 The 2021 - 2002 TV series season is running at full speed in Turkey. Serials with different topics start their broadcasting life one by one. One of those shows is the series 'Elbet Bir Gün'. So who are the 'Elbet Bir Gün' players? What characters will be involved in the series? What is the subject? When and on which channel will it start? Who is its director, producer and screenwriter? We have prepared a series of analysis articles in which you can find answers to all these questions. Thus, you will be able to access the answers to the questions you are looking for in a detailed and easy way. Here are all the details about the Turkish series 'Elbet Bir Gün'…

Subject of the Elbet Bir Gün Series

Most Production signed FOX's new season series “Of Course Someday” is a new series of FOX screens, designed and directed by Gul Oguz, written by Yusuf Reha Alp, written by Funda Alp and Didem Kaplan, the episode story and trailer of which was co-written by Funda Alp.

The series is expected to start shooting in November and is still in progress.

The series stars Sinem Unsal, Burak Yamantürk and Şebnem Bozoklu.

The story of the duo who will appear on the screen as an evil couple in love with each other, full of surprises, has already become a matter of curiosity. Although Gizem Kılıçlı (Sinem Ünsal) and Mehmet Kılıçı (Burak Yamantürk) are passionately attached to each other, secrets from their past will test both their marriage and their love.

“Elbet Bir Gün" will give rise to many emotions with its powerful cast at the same time and will conquer the viewer's heart with its breathtaking story.

In the series, the filming of which began in Cappadocia and continues in Istanbul, counting the days for the screen, the beloved actress will appear before the audience with the character of Gizem Kılıçlı with her character. The actress, who refreshes her image for “Elbet Bir Gün”, which brings to the screen the secret and exciting story of two sisters who have fled their past, will portray a married woman with a law degree, a defense arts education.

Feride (Sinem Unsal) changed his name to Gizem after running away from his brother-in-law Cemil (Omar Genç) for fear of life. A young woman who has made a new life for herself has a happy marriage. In a TV show, Gizem finds out that his entire family has been killed and that Cemil is still after his older sister Nesime (Şebnem Bozoklu), who has run away with her and her lover. Nesime and Feride's paths cross again many years later... The mystery is trying to prevent the true identities of her and her older sister from being revealed, while her husband Mehmet (Burak Yamantürk) also has secrets from his past that he hides from his wife…

Elbet Bir Gün Cast of the Series

The cast also includes experienced names such as Muhammet Uzuner, Value Soysal Alp, Omar Genç, Helin Kandemir, Talha Karcı, Rain Özbasmacı and Osman Karakoç.

Burak Yamanturk- Mehmet

Sinem Unsal- Gizem (Feride)

Shebnem Bozoklu- Nesime

Omer Genç- Cemil

Muhammet Uzuner

Ulvi Kahyaoğlu

Helin Kandemir

Ecrin Mogultay

Zeynep Kaçar- Asuman (Mehmet's Mother)

Elbet Bir Gün the Promotion Will Be Published?

There is currently no trailer video released yet, but for those who are curious, let's share the Instagram address of the series.

At the time of this article's preparation, the series has 4,667 followers on its Instagram page.

Of course, this number is expected to increase rapidly as episodes of the series are released.

Elbet Bir Gün Instagram https://www.instagram.com/elbetbirgunfox/


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