Who is Cihan Şimşek? How old is? Where is he originally from? Is he married? Did he get married? Who is the wife? What's his sign? The answers to all these questions are currently being wondered by the viewers of the Kardeşlerim series. Cihan Şimşek, who is one of the actors of the Kardeşlerim My Brothers series, has also been the subject of curiosity about the series and films he has played in the dec. Information such as the height and weight of the player is also being wondered about. For this reason, we have prepared a biography article with detailed information about the actor for you.

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Who is Cihan Şimşek? How Old Is?

Cihan Şimşek is a Turkish actor born on August 6, 1992 in Bad Säckingen, Germany. His full name is Turan Cihan Şimşek. She studied acting at the Craft Acting Workshop. at the age of 16, when he had no idea, his manager Ayça Irgan made him step into the sector.

Serials And Films Starring Cihan Şimşek

Her first acting experience was with the series ‘Bez Bebek’, which came to the screen in 2009.

He became known by portraying the role of Selim in the TV series Bez Bebek. in 2010, she made a guest appearance in the TV series Adanalı with the character of Cem.

She played the lead role of Metehan in the Disney Channel TV series Zil Çalınca, which was broadcast in Turkey. Turan Cihan Şimşek managed to gain more recognition in Turkey with the Ringing of the Bell in the title role and began to become a well-known actor.

As part of the series, she played the lead role of the character Metehan in the Disney Channel TV movie When the Bell Rings, called Avi. in 2012, she played the role of Berke as a guest actress in the series Canımın İçi.

Also in the same year, he played the character of the Wind as a guest actor in the series Merhaba Hayat.

Later, in 2013, he played the character of Poyraz in Bir Yastıkta TV series broadcast on TRT1.

In the same year, he appeared before the audience with the character of Deniz in the series Beni Böyle Sev, which was broadcast on TRT1 again.

He played the character of Ali in the TV series Medcezir broadcast on Star after he finished Beni Böyle Sev this.

After the Bell Rang, he gained even more fan base thanks to the character of Ali, who came to life in the series Medcezir after the series.

in 2016, he played the character of Mert in the TRT1 TV cinema Suda Balık and gave life to a bad character for the first time.

Also in 2016, she gave life to the character of Cüneyt in the TV series Hanım Köylü, which was broadcast on Star.

Sinan, who played the character of Sinan in the film ‘4N1K’, which was released in May 2017 and adapted to the cinema from BüşraYılmaz's novel of the same name, met with moviegoers for the first time.

After that, he starred in 4N1K 2, Geçmiş Olsun, Hayaley:3 Yaşam, 4N1K 3-Düğün and Düş Peşine, motion pictures and TV movies Başımız Belada, Sabahlar Olmasın. He gives life to the character of Oğulcan Eren in the series Kardeşlerim, which is currently being released on ATV screens. In addition to her TV series and film acting career, she has also appeared in commercials for many important brands such as Krispi, Haribo, Eti Gin, Genç Turkcell and Paşabahçe. Ayca Irgan continues to take part in new projects by registering with the management agency.

Who is Kardeşlerim-Oğulcan Eren?

she's 18. He's a funny, funny, confident kid. He is a fun lover, a good friend, a good confidant for his cousin Omar, who will do all kinds of crazy things for the girl he is in love with and will not let him get in the way.

Is Cihan Şimşek Married?

Cihan Şimşek has not yet been married at the time of this article. In an interview, she stated that she and her girlfriend Sinem Şimşek are considering getting married next summer.

The successful actress currently lives in Istanbul. There are two sisters. He holds the Fenerbahce football team. In his spare time, he loves to play computer games, football and basketball. It has the characteristics of a Leo sign. he is 1.70 meters tall and weighs 60 kilograms. Information about where he was originally from has not been reached. Instagram is the only one that uses Instagram as far as it can be seen on social media, and the player has 976,000 followers on the official Instagram address with a blue click at the time of this article. It is expected that this number will exceed one million as new episodes of the Kardeşlerim series are broadcast.

Instagram Address tcihansimsek

Cihan Şimşek TV Series And Movies

Kardeşlerim (Oğulcan, TV 2021)

4N1K Düğün (Sinan Yorulmaz, Movie 2021)

Hayalet: 3 Yaşam (Mustafa, Movie 2020)

Başımız Belada (Yiğit, TV Movie 2019)

Geçmiş Olsun (Tarık, Movie 2019)

4N1K Yeni Başlangıçlar (Sinan Yorulmaz, TV 2018-2019)

4N1K 2 (Sinan Yorulmaz, TV 2018)

4N1K (Sinan, Movie 2018)

4N1K (Sinan, Movie 2017)

4N1K (Sinan Yorulmaz, TV 2017)

Hanım Köylü (TV 2016)

Medcezir  (Ali, TV 2015)

Beni Böyle Sev (Deniz, TV 2014)

Bir Yastıkta  (Poyraz, TV 2013)

Hanım Köylü (TV 2016)

Bir Yastıkta (Poyraz, TV 2013)

Zil Çalınca (Metehan, TV  2012-2013)

Bez Bebek (Selim, TV 2008-2009)


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