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 Who are the actors of the Yargı series? Which actors portray which characters? Who is who in the series? What is the topic of the Yargı series? An adaptation of the series? Where is it filmed? How are their ratings? Is it liked? The answers to all these questions are currently being sought intensively. That is why we have prepared a detailed series of analysis articles containing the answers to these questions. You can find the names of the actors in the cast and the characters they portray in our article. We also added the social media accounts of the Judicial series to our article. Here are all the details about the Yargı sequence…

Cast Of The Yargı Series And The Characters They Portray


Ilgaz is a successful prosecutor from the best of his profession, who is known for tuesday honesty, adheres to the rules to the fullest. He has a direct, no-nonsense structure that has absorbed the values taught to him by his father Metin with all his self. He is cold-blooded, distant, principled in his work, but his attitude towards his family is loving, protective. Despite all his efforts with Sycamore, he lives the bond of brotherhood that he cannot establish with his sister Defne in the purest and most emotional form. Contrary to his own prescriptivism, he admires the non-rules of nature, is a true nature enthusiast.


Ceylin, a lawyer who rebelled against his father's imprisonment as a result of injustice suffered while studying law, does not recognize rules and pushes boundaries for the sake of values and truths that he believes in, called “takes a man off the rope”. Every way is possible for him to achieve true justice. There's nothing he can't do about it. In the absence of his father, he tried to keep his whole family afloat, he is still kind of like a pillar of the family. His father is very fond of Victory. If her sister is a Pearl, she is her most precious one, she almost avoids her sight.


Metin is the father of Ilgaz. He's a homicide bureau chief in the police department. He is a tuesday who is famous for his honesty, adheres to the rules to the fullest, everyone respects him. He also instilled this in his eldest son Ilgaz. However, he has never been able to have a loving relationship with his son Cınar, who is constantly in trouble. He blames him for the death of his wife, whom he lost a few years ago.


Yekta is the founder of Tilmen Law, a large law firm. He has a reputation for cleaning up all the dirty tues of the companies he works for. He believes that all problems in the world can be solved if enough money is paid. He has a conflictual relationship with his son Engin, which has lasted almost since the day he was born, based on his own dissatisfaction.


Pars is a prosecutor who works in the same place as Ilgaz. He is also the older brother of his fiancée Neva, from whom Ilgaz has just left. There is a one-sided competition between Ilgaz and Dec, which began since school years. Now he is even more angry at her for breaking up with his sister. He is ambitious, he does not tolerate losing. According to him, he is superior to everyone else, and this is always felt in his attitude. Inwardly, he likes Ceylin.


Gul is Ceylin's mother. Housewife. Although he seems to be a passive character, he is actually more manipulative than he looks. The way he chooses to do what he wants is to act like he is sick all the time. Her relationship with her eldest child, Aylin, is closer than with her other children.


Zafer is the father of Ceylin. He tries to earn a living by fishing. he was imprisoned for 6 years on an unjustified charge, forced to leave the post of captain of a ship with a profession. He's been free for a year. He lives in it, trying not to show anyone the disappointment and anger caused by losing his profession. He is the most favorite child of Ceylin.


Eren is Ilgaz's best friend. In the police, the homicide is the commissioner in the bureau. Is a good cop. He's blindfolded. Due to his profession, his network is very wide. He has a good mouth. He is also very loved by everyone because he is a funny and funny person. He sees Ilgaz as his brother and Metin as his father. His wife Esra and daughters are attached to September with love.


Aylin is Ceylin's older sister. Since childhood, he has been a more favorite of Gul compared to his other brothers. After his son, whom he lost four years ago, he could not recover. There is a tense tension between Ceylin and him caused by the strife created by Dec.



Pearl is the brother of Ceylin. He is a student in the department of interior architecture in the second year of university. She is a girl who grew up without even having the opportunity to get to know her properly because her father went to prison when she was young, she has many wounds, her hunger is insatiable. She is very fond of her older sister Ceylin, her mother takes her more as a role model than her father. He trusts her the most.



Çınar is Ilgaz's brother. He is the troubled child of the house. He works in the canteen of a university. In the past, he has been tried for wounding a man and drug dealing. Due to these events and the death of his mother from a heart attack, he and Dec father Metin always have a problematic relationship. His older brother always sees Ilgaz's perfection as a pressure on him. The only person with whom she gets along well at home is her sister Defne.



Engin is the closest friend of Ceylin. A lawyer. He works with his classmate Ceylin, despite the objections of his father Yekta, a powerful and wealthy lawyer. They are always close to each other in their difficult times, so they are connected to Ceylin with strong ties. And his father is in an endless confrontation with Yekta.

Nilgün Türksever – LAÇİN TİLMEN 

However, the wife of Yekta is the mother of Engin. The aristocrat did not give up his idealistic attitude, despite the fact that he came from a rich family and the ostentatious life that Yekta provided him with. He teaches chemistry at a public school. She is tired of decaying in the endless struggle between her son and her husband.

The Subject of the Yargı Series

Ceylin is a lawyer who is blindfolded and knows no boundaries when it comes to rules. In order to obtain information about a client illegally again, the prosecutor appears before Ilgaz. However, Ilgaz, unlike Ceylin, has strict rules on professional ethics, which is why he is a very successful and respected prosecutor in his career.

When Ilgaz encounters a murder case in which his brother Cınar is accused of being a murderer, he breaks his own rules for the first time. He asks Ceylin to defend his brother. From this point on, things will go down a path that neither of them can predict. Ilgaz and Ceylin will find themselves in a ball of mystery that extends to the families of both of them while working to exonerate Sycamore.

In the series, Kaan Urgancioglu gives life to Ilgaz, a Prosecutor who adheres to the rules to the fullest and is not surprised by the truth. Ilgaz, who is noted for his loyalty, composure and honesty to his family, is faced with an incident that will make him question the values he adheres to in life. For this reason, the intersection of their paths with Ceylin puts the duo in an irreversible process. Pınar Deniz, on the other hand, does not recognize rules and plays the character of cevval Lawyer Ceylin, who is not afraid to push the boundaries for the sake of what he believes in. A case taken by Ceylin, who is known for breaking his grip, will be the biggest test of the young woman's life.

A Yargı Series Adaptation?

There is no information on whether the Yargı series, one of the ambitious productions of the new season, is an adaptation from any book or a movie. Therefore, the Yargı series is considered to be an original production. Although there are a lot of search queries dec this topic on the Internet, there is no information about when there is an adaptation.

Judiciary is a Turkish drama and thriller television series signed by Ayp Yapılım, directed by Ali Bilgin, written by Sema Ergenekon, the first episode of which was released on September 19, 2021. The film stars Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu in the lead roles.

Where is the judgment drawn?

The judicial series is being shot in Istanbul. There is no detailed information about the districts where the judicial series was filmed in Istanbul yet.

Is the Yargı Sequence Liked?

The rating rates and results of the judicial series have been going quite well so far. We can say that the series has made its mark on the season for now. The rating rates of the sections have been added to our article. The series is broadcast on Channel D screens on Sunday evenings at 20:00.

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