BİR ZAMANLAR ÇUKUROVA Cast And Subject! Season 4 Actress And Actors

  4. the indispensable series of ATV screens, which continues to broadcast with its season, continues to fill the eye with the cast of Bir Zamanlar Çukurova this season. There have also been players who have left the series, which includes experienced and veteran players from each other, as well as new players. So who were the actors of the series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova? We will transfer all the actors who are in the cast to you in this article. You can easily see the names and characters they portray from our article. Where was the Çukurova series once filmed? What is the subject? We have also added the answers to their questions to our article. 107. For those who missed the episode, we also added the link to our article. You can also access the new and final episode trailer at the end of our article.

What Was the Topic of Bir Zamanlar Çukurova? Where Is It Filmed?

Bir Zamanlar Çukurova tells the story of a love who passed through the exams of passion and bullying in Cukurova, where love is unlimited, a fight to the death, a stubbornness of hope is experienced.

The eye-filling natural beauty of Adana Once carried it off the screens with the Çukurova series. Series filming is usually carried out in Adana and Mersin. A special plateau has been created for the series based on Adana Çukurova. This series plateau, the construction of which took 8 months, was completed by working with a professional team of 450 people.

Bir Zamanlar Çukurova Cast

Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, TIMS&B was a Turkish love, drama and action television series written by Yıldız Tunç, Atilla Özel, Ayça Üzüm and Selena Çağlayan and directed by Murat Saraçoğlu, first episode of which was released on September 13, 2018. The series stars Hilal Altınbilek, Ibrahim Çelikkol, Kerem Aşık, Furkan Palalı and Hülya Darcan.

Actors, Actress And Characters The Bir Zamanlar Çukurova

Hilal Altınbilek – Züleyha

A smart young girl who is modest, well-meaning, but can be decisive and stubborn when necessary, when luck allows her to give a little beauty and spare a little luck and mercy. Zuleyha's biggest dream, which has no eyes for money, is to marry Yilmaz and settle down and be happy. But one day his stepbrother will take a step that will ruin Zuleyha's life. The only way for Zuleyha, who is confused by this step, is to flee to Adana with Yilmaz. But fate will not stop testing Zuleyha, forcing her to make more difficult decisions than death.

İbrahim Çelikkol – Hakan Gümüşoğlu

Hakan Gümüşoğlu is a mysterious, charismatic and fair Izmir resident. Hakan Gümüşoğlu, who stands out with his passionate, warrior, and very good-looking personality, is a businessman who, unlike many names in Çukurova, has obtained all his wealth by himself. According to Hakan, a person should fight with intelligence, stubbornness, perseverance when necessary. Hakan does not return from the war, does not step aside and does not accept any obstacles on the way to the goal. He started his life in Izmir and crossed paths with Demir Yaman for a period in Berlin during his university years. With his connection to Demir and his college years, he will solve the dark knots of the story and bring down Cukurova.

Furkan Palalı – Fikret Fekeli

His nephew, whom Fekeli didn't even know was alive. He is both emotional and angry, soft and hard, his feelings rise and fall rapidly, he cannot control his anger, then he regrets violently, and he is blindsided in love... he is a creditor in everything from life and is quite determined to collect. No one but Fikret himself knows the real intention of returning to the ancestral lands from Germany, where he has lived for many years. The arrival of Fikret will deeply shake the agenda of both Yamans and Fekels, and the cards will be redistributed in Chukurova. Why did Fikret come to Chukurova, it is not known what he has been doing in Germany so far? What will Ali Rahmet Fekeli, who accepted Yilmaz as his only relative and heir, do with the appearance of his own nephew?

Kerem Alışık – Ali Rahmet Fekeli

One of the locals of Adana. Demir's father is the murderer of Adnan Yaman. Fekeli and Adnan Yaman are very good friends with each other. Twenty years ago, Adnan found out that a dam would be built in the region and that Fekeli's land would be paid a lot of money, so he tricked Fekeli into buying their land at no cost. Fekeli realizes that he has been deceived by his best friend, while discussing this issue, they pull out their mutual weapons, Fekeli kills Adnan in a shootout, is arrested and sentenced to twenty years in prison. In prison, the paths of Fekeli and Yilmaz intersect. When Yilmaz tells his story, Fekeli realizes that his enemies are partners, and he not only finds the right-hand man he is looking for, but also has a son. He acts as a father to Yilmaz and guides him. After being released from prison with a general amnesty, they begin to fight together against their common enemy, the Yamans.

Hande Soral – Ümit

Umit is a young and beautiful doctor. He studied medicine at Ankara University. He also specialized in Germany for a while. The reason why he came to the chief medical officer's office at a very young age is his passion and perseverance in his profession. Umit will be a brand new and unusual character for Çukurova. Because he will play according to his own rules, not according to Chukurova's rules. Umit, who has always been ambitious and determined, will upset the balance in Çukurova over time with family ties that no one knows yet.

Hülya Darcan – Lütfiye Duman

Fekeli's niece is Fikret's aunt, whom he knows but turns out to be Adnan Yaman's son. She is a sweet-tongued, caring woman of Bosniak origin. After the death of his wife, Muzaffer, he lives alone. Lütfiye is both the older sister and the partner of Fikret's mother Safiye. When Fikret returns to Çukurova to take revenge, Fekeli finds the remedy in bringing his old friend Lütfiye to Çukurova. Lütfiye comes to Çukurova both to dissuade Fikret from revenge and to help Fekeli, and changes all balances with her love and sacrifice.

Erkan Bektaş – Abdülkadir Keskin

Abdulkadir is a sharp, wise and fearless person. There is an account that has not been closed with Adnan and Demir Yaman, except for property and property, in the inheritance left by his father to Abdulkadir Keskin, a man that no one has heard about or seen for many years. Although it seems that he came to Çukurova on the occasion of his business life, Abdulkadir is actually returning to collect some of his inheritance. When it comes to revenge, Abdulkadir, who sees nothing with his eye, will use all he knows to take revenge for what he swore. Abdulkadir Keskin will enter the society and business world with the title of Hakan Gümüşoğlu's business partner in order to become the judge of Çukurova.

Bülent Polat – Gaffur

The housekeeper of the Yamanlar farm. He was born and raised in Adana. The housekeeper of the mansion inherited it from her father. Gaffur is not very successful at his job either, as he is not a talented, smart and honest person like his father. His Majesty keeps the Gaffes with them both for the sake of his father and because they dominate the order and the farm. Gaffur is also Yilmaz's military friend.When Yilmaz first comes to the farm, he welcomes him sincerely, but when he finds out that he wants a job, he changes his attitude. He is hostile to Yilmaz for fear that he will take away his job.

İlayda Çevik – Betül Arcan

Betül is the daughter of Şermin Yaman and the cousin of Demir Yaman. She is beautiful, capricious and sociable. He is quite keen on living in luxury. He received his university education in Paris. In the conditions of the period, he has a flamboyant and ambitious character, which brings the Parisian mood to Chukurova. Betül, who feels that he is more in favor of his father and has kept his relationship with his cousin Demir limited to what his mother tells him for many years, is a character who will change the balance in Çukurova.

Serpil Tamur – Haminne

She is the mother of His Majesty Yaman and the grandmother of Demir Yaman. He is very old, often confuses words, situations and events. Sometimes he remembers the past as if it were today. Although this confusion makes you laugh from time to time, it makes you sad from time to time, sometimes it causes things to get complicated inside the mansion. His Majesty likes the most that Zuleyha looks after him.

Sibel Taşçıoğlu – Şermin Yaman

She's the daughter of Demir's uncle. His Majesty and Iron's secret enemy. He gets by on Demir because his father, Sherafettin, has made all the inheritance left over from Yaman wed tsar. She doesn't like her husband, but she doesn't want a divorce either. His only goal in life is to ensure that the legacy of the Yamans remains with his daughter. When he becomes Demir's son, his dreams come true.

Selin Yeninci – Saniye

Gaffur's wife. He's in charge of the mansion's kitchen, Your Majesty's hand and foot. He has been working at His Majesty Yaman's service for many years. When Yilmaz and Zuleyha first come to the mansion, he helps them, but as things change, they become enemies. With Zuleyha at the forefront, he begins to hold a grudge against her. His only goal is to protect his place in the mansion. He can do anything for that.

Selin Genç – Gülten

Gaffur's sister. A well-meaning, pure Anatolian girl. As soon as he sees Yilmaz, he falls in love. Initially, he thinks that Zuleyha is Yilmaz's sister, so he acts very close to her. Although he learns the truth in a short time, he cannot give up his love for Yilmaz.

Aras Şenol – Çetin

Fekeli's right-hand man is Yilmaz's confidant. He is a very hardworking, honest, clean person. jul. He devoted his life to his job and Fekeli Ağa. He loves her like a father. He hasn't had a heart relationship until today. But when you cross the road from Yamanlar mansion with Gülten, a great love falls on your heart. Despite all the hard things that have happened, he will continue to act with the voice of his heart.

Polen Emre – Fadik

One of the employees of the mansion. He's not getting out of trouble because of his gossip. Initially, he is very jealous of Zuleyha. He's trying to slip Zuleyha's foot. Over time, she changes sides, accepting that Zuleyha is the lady of the house.

Yeliz Doğramacılar – Füsun

Shermin's best friend. The most curious among the considerable women of Cukurova is the decadent. Since his wife often goes abroad for work, Fusun has also devoted himself to charity work and is interested in association work with other women. He's good at stirring things up with Shermin.

Şahin Vural – Raşit

Raşit, who is lonely, found himself working at his Yamanlar Mansion when he was a man of Orator Aga. In fact, Rashid, who has good intentions, makes his place stronger when he loses his heart to Fadik, one of the mansion's fixtures. The feud between Gaffur and Decoy never ends.

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