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 Who is Ahu Yağtu? How old is? What's his sign? Who is Kardeşlerim Serie Suzan? What's his real name? Where is he originally from? Serials and films in which he starred. Height and weight. The answers to all these questions and questions are currently often sought by viewers of the Kradeşlerim series. The life of Ahu Yagtu, who is among the actress of the series Dec Kardeşlerim, is curious. That is why we tried to make a biography article about the worthy actor. In this way, you will be able to learn about many topics that you are interested in. Here is the life of Ahu Yağtu!

Who is Ahu Yağtu? How Old Is?

Ahu Yağtu is a Turkish actress and model.

Ahu Yağgtu, who worked as a theater, TV series and film actor, was born on July 11, 1978 in Izmir.

His mother is Hülya Yorük and his father is Hasan Neşet Yağtu.

Her childhood was spent in Izmir Alsancak.

During his childhood, his mother and father separated.

He graduated from Izmir Fatih Private College.

As a child, at the age of 14, she decided to become a model and moved from Izmir to Istanbul.

She is a graduate of the Istanbul Academy of Performing Arts Department.

Şahika Tekand Acting Workshop, Abdullah Oguz, Antony Bova Workshop, Sally Johnson Studio Workshop, Stella Adler Workshop has received acting trainings in numerous workshops such as.

in 2003, she was a presenter on the contest program Someone is Spying on Us and starred in various commercials.

She became the brand face of the Marks & Spencer brand in 2018.

She has appeared in the advertisements of numerous brands such as Pamukbank, De Beers, Arçelik, Miss Bon, Dalin, Rejoice, Akbank, Rinso, Papia, Ipek Shampoo.

He opened a vintage boutique called “Second Chance” in Besiktas Bebek, Istanbul, but then closed this business.

Ahu Yağtu is actively pursuing her catwalk life, she is one of the few best models in Turkey.

In addition to acting, Ahu Yağtu also works as a style consultant and fashion designer.

Ahu Yağtu TV Series And Movies

in 2018, she performed in the theater plays Closer-Sevgi Neden Yetmez, and in 2020, Karanlıktaki Komedi.

in 2001, he had his first series experience by portraying the character Esin in the series 90 60 90.

He starred in such series as Savcının Karısı, Kampüsistan, Kavak Yelleri, Arka Sokaklar, Komiser Nevzat, Kavak Yelleri, Aşk ve Ceza, Bir Çocuk Sevdim, Paramparça, Kadın, Kardeşlerim.

in 2010, she played the role of ’Aylin Kargın Çatak‘ in the motion picture ’Bir Avuç Deniz'.

in 2017, he played the character of Pervin in Cem Yılmaz's motion picture Arif v 216.

Ahu Yagtu made his first marriage in 2000 with Cankat Doğan Akçura in his twenties.

he left in 2005. His second marriage was to Cem Yılmaz.

The couple got married on March 10, 2012 at the Pera Palas Hotel.

The couple separated in 2013.

He has a son named Kemal, born in 2012, from his marriage to Cem Yilmaz.

Nowadays, she is not married and has no known lover.

Ahu Yağtu Height And Weight

It has the characteristics of a Cancer sign. he is 1.75 tall and weighs 56 pounds. He is not married. She has no known lover. It is not known where he was originally from.

Currently, the famous actress who gave life to the character of Suzan Manyaslı in the TV series Kardeşlerim, Önem Gunal continues to take part in new projects as a registered manager.

Who is Kardeşlerim Series Suzan Manyaslı?

he is 34 years old. A pleasant, well-groomed and attractive woman. An emotional woman who is very broken when she is looking for love and affection that she cannot find in her husband, who will rediscover herself with what she has gone through, and face the secrets of the past.

Ahu Yağtu Twitter And Instagram Address

On May 21, 2012, he opened a YouTube channel for himself.

She has been posting various videos on fashion and vlogging for a long time.

He has not posted a video on this channel for many years, but his videos are still being watched.

He actively uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

At the time of this writing, he has 40,800 followers on Twitter and 588,000 followers on his blue-clicked Instagram account.

YouTube Address https://www.youtube.com/user/AuVintage

Twitter Address https://twitter.com/AhuYagtu

Instagram Address https://www.instagram.com/ahuyagtu/


2001 - 90-60-90 (Esin)
2003 - Kampüsistan
2005 - Savcının Karısı (Ece)
2006 - 29-30 (Nil)
2007 - Komiser Nevzat
2007 - Kavak Yelleri
2011 - Canım Babam
2011 - Aşk Ve Ceza (Pelin)
2011 - Bir Çocuk Sevdim (Begüm)
2011 - Canım Babam (Jülide)
2014 - Paramparça (Candan)
2019 - Kadın (Pırıl)
2021 - Kardeşlerim (Suzan)


2010 - Bir Avuç Deniz (Aylin Kargın Çatak)
2017 - Arif v 2016
2019 - Hilal, Feza and Other Planets (Profesör Doktor)


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