Who Is MasterChef ŞÜKRÜ? Who Is ŞÜKRÜ ÖZSARI? How Old Is? From where? Sign

 Who is MasterChef Şükrü? Who is Şükrü Özsarı? How old is? From where? What's his sign? A biography written about his life. Did MasterChef win? Eliminated? Sukru was disqualified? MasterChef 2021 Şükrü why don't you? What's the birthday date? What's his sign? Does he have a girlfriend?

Who Is MasterChef Şükrü?

Şükrü Özsarı is a contestant in the main cast of MasterChef Turkey 2021.

He entered the competition from Izmir, thinking that he was good in his profession and confident in himself.

His family and relatives were the biggest supporters of Şükrü Özsari, who has a brother and an older sister, to participate in the competition.

He decided to join Masterchef to show everyone how good he can cook while serving in bandirma.

How Old Is Sükrü Özsarı? Where Is He Originally From?

He was born in Izmir on January 5, 1993.

He is originally from Izmir.

His family manufactures industrial cookies.

After studying at University in media for 1 year, he changed his department.

He graduated from Izmir University of Economics Department of Culinary Arts and management.

He did an internship in Lyon, France while studying at the University.

He then worked in a venue with two Michelin stars, an international catering company and in the food industry at various locations.

The MasterChef 2020 contestant is a close friend of Emir's.

Together they lived in Lyon in France in the same house as the Emir and became housemates.

It has a cookie brand called Nibbler and currently produces cookies.

What's His Sign?

Şükrü Özsarı, who is Capricorn, loves to be alone with nature, to spend time with his friends, to take pictures and to travel.

He is a dark Fenerbahce fan.

He is interested in sports such as football, volleyball and boxing.

His biggest hobby is darts.

He is a player in the 12-team darts league.

Twitter And Instagram Address

On social media, he uses Instagram and Twitter.

At the time of writing, he had 739 followers on his Twitter account and 10,400 followers on his Instagram account..

These numbers are also expected to increase rapidly as the episodes competing on Masterchef progress.

Twitter https://twitter.com/sozsari1

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sozsari/

Biography articles of all contestants in MasterChef Turkey 2021 main cast are available on our website.

Every episode of MasterChef, The Cooking Competition Program that has locked viewers on the screen since it began airing on TV8 screens, is breathtaking!


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