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 Who Is Masterchef's Milhan Erdem? From where? How Old Is? MasterChef Turkey 2021 is a biographical article about the contestant's life. Did Masterchef win Milhan? Eliminated? Milhan was disqualified? Why isn't Masterchef 2021 milhan? What's the birthday date? What's his sign? Lover…

Who Is Masterchef Milhan? How Old Is? From where?

Milhan Erdem was born in Kütahya Tavşanlı in 2001. As of 2021, he is 20 years old.

He is originally from Kütahya Tavşanlı and continues his life in Istanbul.

He graduated from Yoncalı vocational and technical Anatolian High School in Kütahya in 2019.

He then completed his internships in Antalya, Marmaris and Germany.

He has won various awards in national and international competitions to date Dec.

In 2019, he was selected as the Golden young chef of the year at the Antalya EXPO food competition and received a trophy and gold medal.

He won a bronze and silver medal in a competition held in Izmir and a gold medal in the fish category in a competition held in Fethiye.

He worked for 1 year in a place where Lebanese cuisine was cooked in Nisantasi, Istanbul.

He also introduced the unique dishes of Turkish cuisine to the public in Kyrgyzstan, where he previously went as an invited Cook, and worked in Germany.

MasterChef Eliminated Milhan? Did He Win?

He participated in MasterChef, which aired on TV8 screens in 2021.

” My biggest rival is me the day before, " said the talented cook, who made a quick entry to the competition in the first round, prepared a dish with avocado banana and meat accompanied by a Yesil green sauce with an Arab breeze.

He qualified for the triple Duel round by taking three yes's.

In this round he competed with Ömer Araz and Ömer Yücel Avşar.

Contestants were asked to prepare acem rice.

According to the decision of the chefs, it was Milhan Erdem who managed to remove the most successful plate at the end of the period.

Continuing its success in the Final round, the young talent is currently competing in the 16-person main cast of MasterChef Turkey 2021.

Instagram Address

Milhan Erdem, who does not use social media very often, has 15,000 followers on his Instagram account at the time of this post. That number is expected to rise rapidly as the episodes he competes in MasterChef progress…

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/milhanerdemm/


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