Who Is MasterChef ATEŞ? How Old Is? From where? Who Is MERT ATEŞ DURUKAN?

 Who is Masterchef Ateş? Where is MasterChef 2021 contestant Mert Ateş Durukan originally from? How old is MasterChef 2021 Ateş? What's his sign? Date of birth. Twitter and Instagram address. A biography written about his life.

Who Is Masterchef Ateş? How Old Is?

Who Is Mert Ateş Durukan? https://youtu.be/h70os9iPiZE

Mert Ateş Durukan is one of the contestants who has joined the main cast of MasterChef Turkey 2021 from the reserves.
He was born on 17 December 2002 in Başakşehir, Istanbul.
His mother is an accountant, and his father works in the tourism industry.
He is the only child in the family.

A graduate of food and Beverage Services, the young Cook also worked as a cook in Izmir before joining MasterChef.
He has been engaged in the culinary profession since 2015.
MasterChef 2021 Ateş, who started to have an interest in cooking from an early age, started making salads when she was just 5 years old.
When he was 9-10 years old, he prepared food until his mother came from work.
He faced difficult conditions while studying at the school of his favorite profession, was separated from his home and traveled 4 hours a day.

Mert Ateş Durukan, one of the youngest contestants to participate in MasterChef, stated during the qualifiers that he was not deceived by his age, that he had come to prove himself in the competition and that he would show his competitors that he was strong.
The contestant, who stated that the biggest factor in his orientation to the culinary profession was his grandmother, managed to get three yes by cooking salmon in the first qualifying round.

He reached the final by eliminating two of his opponents in the triple Duel round, and finally managed to enter the main squad from the reserves.
As he entered the squad, he stated that his mother had a very important place in his life, that he would fight in the competition for her, and he touched those who watched with his words.

Where's The MasterChef Ateş From? What's His Sign?

Mert Ateş Durukan, who stands out with his sincere attitude, ambitious structure and successful plates, is also a contender who is above the attention due to his good looks.
Besiktas football team holding Izmirli contestant Sagittarius sign.
A young contestant who is interested in music has a pretty good voice and can play guitar well.
From time to time, he shares songs that he sings on his social media account.

Instagram Address

As of the time of this post, his Instagram account has 25,700 followers.
That number is also expected to increase rapidly during his time competing on MasterChef. There are accounts opened in his name on Twitter, but we can't share them for now, as it's unclear which official account. If it's final, we'll add it to our article.

Instagram account address https://www.instagram.com/drknates/


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