Who is MasterChef Araz? Where is Araz Aknam From? How Old Is? Height And Weight

 Who is MasterChef Araz? Where is MasterChef Turkey 2021 contestant Araz Aknam originally from? How old is? Who is the wife? Araz Aghnami is the sign of Acne, height and weight. His life and the unknown. His biography, which contains information about him. YouTube and Instagram address. The answers to all these questions and questions are curious. That is why we have prepared an article for you. Here is the life of MasterChef Man!

Who is MasterChef Araz?

MasterChef Turkey Araz Life https://youtu.be/uR-bX-OwyvA

Araz Aknam was born on July 26, 1990 in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

His full name is Araz Aghnami Aknam.

He is a member of the Turkey National American Football Team and played in the right side defensive position with jersey number 90.

Leo has its own characteristics.

he is 1.99 tall and weighs 128 kilograms.

Aknam's mother is Turkish, and his father is an Iranian Azerbaijani.

She is married to volleyball player Ecem Recep.

he lived in Iran until the age of 6 and moved to Istanbul to start his education.

Araz Aghnami Aknam moved to the United States in 2012, immediately after graduating from college.

he lived in the USA for 4 years and returned to Istanbul in 2016.

Aknam is a civil engineer and graduated from Yeditepe University in 2012.

Fenerbahce is a member of the congress.

English Turkish Persian Azerbaijani and Turkish are the most common languages spoken in the country.

German Spanish and Spanish are also spoken a little bit.

Sports Career

In the past, he also has a career in professional karate and basketball sports.

he won one national and three local championships dec 1996 and 2001.

He played in clubs such as Tekelspor, Tofaş SK, DSI SPOR, Tubesk, Fenerbahce SK.

He was also a licensed swimmer from dec998 to 2002.

After entering Yeditepe University, football players and coaches spontaneously started offering to play football because of his big size.

Araz Aghnami Aknam started playing for the Yeditepe Eagles in 2008, when he was a freshman at Yeditepe University.

He quickly developed his skills with the Eagles ' American coaching staff and became a notable player in the Turkish League.

He was UniLig 1st 3 times in his college football career. League Bronze medalist and Unilig 2nd. The league has a Gold medal title.

in 2012, he was recruited by the Turkish national Team and played in the “first official match” in the history of Turkish American Football, in which the Turkish team defeated the Romanian Team (61-0).

In May 2016, he transferred to the Rams to play as an Offensive Tackle.

For the first time in the history of Turkish American Football, a Turkish team played in the IFAF European Champions League Final Four in Wroclaw for the 3rd time. he played in the match he was in.

Achievements And Medals

3x Karate-Do Junior League Marmara Championship (1998,1999,2000)

Karate-Do Turkish Championship-Junior Category, Bronze Medal (1999)

Turkish Junior Basketball League MVP (2006)

Turkish Junior Basketball Championship, Silver Medal (2006)

Tekirdağ Slam-Slam Dunk Contest winner (2011)

2x Turkey Uni-League 1.League, Bronze Medalist (2009,2012)

Turkey Uni-League 2.League, Gold Medalist (2011)

Team Turkey National Player of the Year (2012-Present)

IFAF European Champions League, Bronze Medalist (2016)

Joined MasterChef!

Araz Aknam joined MasterChef Turkey, the phenomenon competition program of TV8 screens, in 2021.

Aknam, who is quite ambitious in cooking, has never worked in a professional kitchen.

But he is still quite knowledgeable about the kitchen.

In the first qualifying round, he faced the chefs by making Sea Bass Ceviche from Peruvian cuisine.

With this dish he made, he managed to get three yes votes from the chefs.

He also continued his success on the triple duel tour.

Emre Özmen and Taylan Kurt competed with the most successful quince in the round and made a lamb wrap dish and printed his name on the top round.

Instagram Address

Araz Aknam, who describes himself as a traveler and an adrenalist, has a YouTube channel, but usually uses Instagram.

He often shares pictures and videos of his meals from his account.

At the time of writing, she had 25,500 followers on her Instagram account.

Instagram Address https://www.instagram.com/arazagak/

YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNVG5N4UAJurVFdQ_7KJzlw


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