Who Is MasterChef Turkey Sergen? Where's His Restaurant? Eliminated? Did He Win?

 Who is Masterchef Turkey 2020 and 2021 contestant Sergen Özen and where is he originally from? What's his sign? Where's the Meatball Shop in Tekirdag? Biography article with information about it. The life of MasterChef Turkey contestant Sergen. Did MasterChef Sergen win? Eliminated? Is Sergen disqualified? What's the birthday date?

Who Is Masterchef Sergen? How Old Is? From where?

Sergen Özen is a professional cook. He was born on 27 July 1996 in Tekirdağ.

Originally Tekirdağ.

Sergen Özen, who started cooking as a child, started his cooking career at Tekirdağ Tourism Hotel Management High School.

He worked in numerous hotels in places such as Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum, Istanbul.

After that, he studied cookery at Pamukkale University.

He has also received awards for his dishes to date.

He took third place at the gastronomy competition in Istanbul.

He also won first place in Alanya Golden scoop international food competition.Dec.

What's His Sign?

Sergen Özen, who is a lion and dark Fenerbahçe, loves to fish.

His biggest dream is to open a Tekirdag Meatball Shop in Miami and create a chain of meatball shops.

Sergen Özen, who has been a cook for about ten years, has a place called Rumeli Köfte soups where he makes meatballs and soups in the new industrial zone in Tekirdağ.

Where's The MasterChef Sergen Restaurant? Address

Address: Aras Kargo Opposite, 100. Yil Mahallesi Saw Street, New Industrial Site 4/1, 59100 Suleymanpaşa/Tekirdağ

Did He Win? Eliminated?

Sergen Özen, who participated in a cooking contest called MasterChef, which aired on TV8 screens in 2020 and 2021, forgot to pour the sauce into his food in the elimination round at MasterChef 2020 and was eliminated.

At MasterChef 2021, he once again faced the chefs with a mushroom lamb dish with Demi glace sauce in the first qualifying round of the competition, and managed to advance to the next round by receiving a yes vote from three chefs.

He competed with Yasemin Musharraf Aksoy and Görkem Demiral in the second round of the triple Duel round.

The chefs asked the contestants to prepare French-style onion soup.

At the end of the given time, the person who continued The Journey of Masterchef, outperforming his competitors and qualified for the top round, was Görkem Demiral.

So Sergen had lost his chance to continue on Masterchef.

However, it was a surprise and the contestant was subsequently eliminated in the third round of the competition by Danilo chef.

In MasterChef 2021, as a new rule, chefs have the right to include a contestant in the competition again afterwards.

Sergen özen re-entered the competition under this rule and qualified for the final round.

In the Final round, he had a hard time getting into the main squad.

In this round, Sergen managed to play in two games every day.

But he couldn't get into the main squad.

Sergen, who also appeared in two games on the day he was selected as a reserve contender, finished 16th. He also managed to take part in both games on the day the contestant was selected.

Sergen, who entered the game 16 times, prepared sixteen meals, eventually managed to make it into the main squad.

In the first game, Sergen Özen, who was among the seven contestants who prepared dalyan meatballs best, won the decency of the chefs in the creativity game and entered the MasterChef 2021 main cast by taking the apron with his name written 16. he became a contestant.

Instagram Address

MasterChef Sergen also attracted attention with his sympathetic dialogues with chefs and his unique speaking style throughout the competition.

He also gained the appreciation and love of the audience, especially thanks to his natural movements and quickness of his hand.

As of the moment of this post, the Blue click official Instagram account has 120,000 followers.

It is expected that this number will increase rapidly during his stay in the competition.

MasterChef Sergen Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/sergenozn/


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