Who Is MasterChef 2021 BURCU ÖNAL? From where? How Old Is? Eliminated?

 Who is Masterchef 2020 and 2021 contestant Burcu Önal and where is he from? How old is she? Is he married? Biography article with information about the life of the MasterChef Turkey contestant. Did MasterChef win? Eliminated?

Who's The MasterChef Burcu?

Burcu Önal is a professional chef.
MasterChef Turkey 2021 is one of the names competing in the 16-person main cast.
Burcu Önal was born in 1986 in Beyoğlu district of Istanbul.
Önal, whose life and love of cooking are also the subject of a documentary, lived in Asia for 15 years.
He grew up in a Filipino family at an early age and then in a Chinese family.
In China, where he went to study medicine at the age of 18, he worked under difficult conditions in restaurants because of his passion for cooking.
The first meal he made in his life was his ravioli, which he made when he was 13.
Expressing that it has developed itself over time, Burcu Önal dominates all Asian dishes and ravioli dishes.
Önal, who has always been in the kitchen since he knew himself, has received detailed training on Japanese food for a long time.
For many years, he worked in the food industry abroad, waitressing on ships.

Did He Win? Eliminated?

In 2020, he participated in Masterchef's qualifiers.
He was successful in the first round by making Chinese ravioli.
He attracted attention with his Far Eastern clothes.
In the triple elimination round in which he participated, he was eliminated by assisting Walison in making souffles.
Despite not being able to join the main cast in MasterChef 2020, he has managed to establish a throne in the heart of the audience.
His good intentions, smiling face, politeness and sharing demeanor are etched into memory.
Burcu Önal, who recently opened a restaurant in Tarlabaşı, Istanbul with Asian dishes called Sini Ethnic, did not give up in 2021 and participated in Masterchef's qualifiers again.
He managed to reach the second round thanks to a successful tasting menu that he prepared in a short time in the first round.
He advanced to the final by making the best pumpkin flower filling in the triple Duel round.
He then continued his success in the final, being named in the main cast of MasterChef 2021.


The contestant, who indicated he would be taking a more competitive stance this year, explained that he would not return from this path until the whole world saw his recipes and love of food.
The adventure that he did not throw for the sake of food, the difficulty that he did not face, and the biggest goal of Burcu Önal is to be a model chef.
Finally, for those who may be wondering, let's give the following information.
Burcu Önal Is Originally From Diyarbakır. She is married to Ibrahim Önal.
The contestant, who has taken a significant place in MasterChef's history, often uses Instagram on social media.
Burcu Önal, who brings his meals and countries he has traveled to with his followers, was on his blue click official Instagram account when this post was prepared
It has 21,300 followers.
It is also expected that this number will increase rapidly during his stay in the competition.


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