Who Is EREN KAŞIKÇI Masterchef 2021? From where? How Old Is? Instagram

 Who is Masterchef Turkey 2021 contestant Eren Kaşıkçı and Where Is she from? How old is she? Biography with information about his life. Did MasterChef win? Eliminated? Eren disqualified? Why is Master Chef Eren absent? What's the birthday date? What's his sign?

Who Is Masterchef Eren Kaşıkçı ? How Old Is She? From where?

Eren Kaşıkçı was born in Kırıkkale in 1989. He's Actually Slapped.

He is married and has a daughter named Derin Maya.

Eren Kaşıkçı has a brother and his father is a soldier and his mother is a housewife.

Because of his father's appointments, he continued his educational life in different places.

He attended primary school in Balıkesir Edremit, Secondary School in Cyprus and high school in Samsun.

He received his university education at 19 Mayıs University Department of tourism, but left without completing it.

She studied professional cooking at the Academy of Culinary Arts in 2012-2013.

During his working life, he has had work experiences in many different positions of the tourism sector and in various parts of Turkey.

He met his wife, Ecem Kaşıkçı, in 2015 at a hotel where he worked and married in 2017.

After working in the sector in Istanbul for many years, he settled in Gökçeadaya.

With the support of his wife and his own will, he joined MasterChef in 2021 from Çanakkale Gökçeada.

He expressed in the competition that he wanted to create a brand with what he learned in the competition and take part in recipes on people's tables.

The open-fire contestant believes he will improve and be more efficient on Masterchef.

Currently, he still cooks in a surf restaurant in Gökçeada.

MasterChef Eren Kaşıkçı Instagram Address

Eren Kaşıkçı In the first round of Masterchef, Imroz managed to get a passing grade with three yes.

He competed with Emirhan Sezer Kaya and Burhan Bahri Özkan in the triple Duel round.

Contestants were asked to prepare milk halva.

The most successful milk halva was prepared by Eren spoon and managed to get to the top round by the decision of the chefs.

On the evening that he entered the main squad, he prepared Hungarian goulash with his opponents and advanced to the top stage of the final round with 7 names.

together with his competitors, he made a dish in which the chicory plant was identified as the main product.

Making a wheat salad with chicory and mushrooms, it will be the 12th edition of 2021 Masterchef. he managed to be selected as a contestant.

The contestant, who usually uses Instagram on social media, has 18,200 followers on his account as of the time of this post.

It is expected that this number will increase rapidly during his stay in the competition.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/kizilsakalinmutfag/


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