MasterChef 2021 Who's TAHSİN KÜÇÜK? How Old Is She? From where? What's His Profession?

 Who is Masterchef's Tahsin Küçük and where is he from? How old is she? Biography article with information about it. The unknown life story of the contestant who is in the main 16-person roster of MasterChef Turkey 2021 competition. Did Masterchef Tahsin Win? Eliminated? Did Tahsin Küçük disqualification? What's the birthday date?

Who's Tahsin Küçük? From where?

Tahsin Küçük is one of the contestants in the 16-person main cast of MasterChef Turkey 2021.
The 24-year-old contestant is originally from Trabzon.
Born and raised in Kocaeli, he has been living in Istanbul for seven years.

How Old Is MasterChef Tahsin?

Born in Kocaeli on June 15, 1997, Tahsin Küçük Primary School attended Ulu Gazi Primary School in Izmit.
He completed his high school education at Yunus Emre Anadolu Imam Hatip High School.
After arriving in Istanbul, Tahsin Küçük graduated from Okan University gastronomy department in 2019.
During his educational life, he worked with leading chefs in Turkey.
MasterChef Tahsin, who entered the kitchen as a dishwasher at the age of 13, has been progressing in his career for 10 years.
In 2015, at the age of 17, he participated in a competition called Ver oven and got a good rating in this competition with recipes that he learned from the internet.
During his college years, he also participated in many competitions, earning degrees.
He also served as food editor for daytime cooking programs on Turkish television.

What's The Sign Of MasterChef Tahsin?

MasterChef Tahsin, who is a Gemini, is involved in many types of dance as well as cooking.
Tahsin Küçük, who describes himself as a gastronome, had great support and influence from his family in his introduction to the culinary profession.
His father didn't take kindly to any of the professions he wanted in the past.
One day, he made a meal for his father, and after his father ate this meal, he said, ‘health in your hands, son, you should do it as a profession.’
After these words, Tahsin decided to turn to the small culinary profession.

Did Tahsin Küçük Win? Eliminated?

MasterChef Tahsin sees every day as an experience, thinking that it is necessary to go step by step to succeed.
Tahsin Küçük went on  MasterChef Turkey 2021 trip in the first round by making confit salmon in firik keşk.
He also faced contestants named Burak and Mercan in a triple duel and was placed 11th in the main squad in the final round. he was the chosen contestant.
‘I can do it if I want’ started with the slogan of the competition aimed at the champion's words, which are often on the agenda as of the time of this article, the contestant has 18,400 followers on Instagram.
It is also expected that this number will increase rapidly during his stay in the competition.


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