MasterChef 2021 Who Is HAMZA MERCİMEK? From where? How Old Is?

 Who is MasterChef's Hamza Mercimek and Where Are They from? How old is she? Biography article with information about the MasterChef Turkey 2021 contestant. The life of Hamza Mercimek. Did MasterChef win Hamza? Eliminated? Disqualified? What's the birthday date?

Who Is Hamza Mercimek? From where?

Hamza lentil is one of the 16-person main cast of MasterChef Turkey 2021.
Bolu Mengenli chef joins Masterchef from Istanbul.
Two brothers. His brother is a cook, just like him.

How Old Is Masterchef Hamza?

He was born on 12 November 1996 in Kadıköy, Istanbul.
He completed his primary and secondary education in Ümraniye, Istanbul.
He attended high school at Mengen Cooks Anadolu Hotel Management and Tourism Vocational High School.
Because of his love of cuisine, he dropped out of high school and found himself in the kitchen of a hotel in Sultanahmet.
The young man, who had the chance to get to know the cuisine at the hotel in Sultanahmet, was not content with this and took part in the kitchen of another restaurant in Sultanahmet to discover new tastes.
He continued his adventure here for a while, and then switched to this kitchen through his relative, who was the manager of the Feriye restaurant.
Feriye restaurant kitchen was the first professional kitchen for itself.
He gained most of his culinary experience in this kitchen.
The dishes that most affected Hamza Mercimek, who had the opportunity to develop himself by working in various departments here, were protocol dishes. A young cook who discovered his true ambition and talent through protocol dishes, then Erzurum 9. He served as the Pasha and army house cook in the army command of the Corps.
During his time here, he managed to rise to kitchen Sergeant.
After completing his patriotic duty, he continued to work in many hotel and restaurant kitchens.

Where Does MasterChef Hamza Work? Where's His Restaurant?

After all the experience and ambition of success, Hamza Mercimek, who thought that the path of chef was opened, managed to become a chef in a kitchen in Ataşehir.
During his time here, the talented cook received better offers from different places, moving to the side of Karaköy in a place called Berlin line Karaköy he continued his profession as a chef.
Again during this time he participated in various competitions.
Thanks to his achievements, his news was published in many newspapers and magazines.
In 2020, the young Cook received the ‘most creative Plate’ award with the dish of barbun on a vine leaf at the competition organized by World Food Istanbul.

MasterChef Hamza Won Or Eliminated?

Hamza Mercimek currently continues its work to move the culinary profession that it received from its grandparents to advanced points and announce the tastes of Anatolia to the world.
While all this work is going on, he joined MasterChef Turkey in 2021.
He managed to get three yes's from the chefs with his drop-gummy sea bass steamed dish in the first round of the competition.
After that, he competed in a triple Duel round with contestants named Mehmet and Şükrü.
He managed to make it to the final round with his karnıyarık and rice pilaf.
In the Final round, he succeeded first with niyokki with seafood, and then with a creative dish starring The New World, leaving his opponents behind
he qualified for the main squad.
Hamza Mercimek, who is in the main squad of 16 people, has self-confidence throughout the competition and his attention with the dialogues he entered with other contestants
he pulled it on you.
Hamza Mercimek, who was shown as one of the favorite names of the competition, was on the official Blue click Instagram account when this post was prepared
It has 21,100 followers.
It is also expected that this number will increase rapidly during his stay in the competition.


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