Baht Oyunu series, which has been broadcast on Kanal D screens for some time, continues to be watched with interest. For this reason, the lives of the actors in the series are also often wondered. One of the players whose life is curious is Tuğba Çom Makar. And who is Tuğba Çom Makar? How old is she? Where is he originally from? Is he married? Who is the wife? Does he have children? What's his sign, height, and weight? What's her Instagram address? The answers to all these questions are frequently decoded in search engines these days. So we have prepared a biography article with answers to all these questions. We have researched the series and films he has played so far for you. Of course, some information may become outdated or new information may appear over time. For this reason, let's remind that we can update our article in the following days. Biography of other Baht game series players sondurumne.com available on our site.

Who Is Tuğba Çom Makar? How Old Is She?

Tuğba Çom Makar is a theatre, TV series and film actor.

He was born on 27 August 1990 in Rize.

She married director Erhan Makar in 2015.

They have a son named Wind.

Originally From Rizeli.

Müjdat Gezen Art Center Conservatory Theater Department graduate.

He has performed in many works staged at the theater Kilçık, Müjdat Gezen theater and Istanbul State Theater.

He has also been an instructor in the guest actors Drama Workshop.

It bears the characteristics of Virgo.

It is 1.65 cm tall.

It weighs 55 kilograms.

Starring Serials

Don't feel sorry for me, Jet socialite, Türkan, beautiful girl, Serender, Tuğba Çom Makar, who played in many TV series such as Decemberimim Gülsse Birsel in the jury chair in 2015,

He competed in the program called ‘Comedy Turkey’, where successful names such as Gani Müjde and Haluk Bilginer sat.

In 2021, he played in the film Bizum Hoxha 2.

In the same year, it was announced that he would be part of the cast of the series entitled Death befits us.

Currently, he is in the cast of the summer series “Baht game”, which is broadcast on Channel D screens, and gives life to the character “Yasemin”. Nimet Atasoy is still actively involved in new projects as registered with the Management Agency. As of the time of this post, he has 58,400 followers on his official Blue click Instagram address. This number is also expected to increase rapidly as episodes of the Baht Oyunu series progress.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/tugbacommakar/

Who Is Baht Game Yasemin?

She is Ada's joyful aunt.

Yasemin did not find what she hoped for from all three relationships she had established, and was eventually abandoned.

That's why Jasmine never married.

Yasemine's character sincerely believes that one day she will find true love by breaking the blind fortune of both her and her niece Ada, whom she loves more than her life.

Some Series And Films He Played In

2021-Baht Oyunu (Yasemin ) (TV series)

2021-Bizum Hoca 2 (Motion Picture)

2021-call my decoy (Tugba Çom, TV series)

2018-Jet socialite (Yıldız Yüksel) (TV series)

2015-comedy Turkey (TV show)

2014-Serender (Mother) (Short Film)

2012-Don't feel sorry for me (Emine Demirci) (TV series)

2010-Türkan (TV series)

Some Theatre Plays He Performed

I Couldn't Tell The Night / Sofi-2016

Arsonist / Klementina - 2016


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