Baht Oyunu, one of the most watched series of Kanal D screens, is still ongoing. For this reason, viewers often search on search engines about the players who are in the cast Dec. One of the most curious players is Suğdem Gözalır, who gives life to his Pırıl character. And who is Suğdem Gözalır? How old is she? Where is he originally from? Who is the lover? What's his sign? What's his height and weight? All these questions are often searched by viewers on search engines these days Dec. For this reason, we have prepared a biography article with answers to all these questions. In this way, you can easily access information such as the sequences he has played so far and the Instagram address from our article.

Who Is Suğdem Gözalır? (Baht Oyunu Pırıl)

Suğdem Gözalır is a TV and film actor.

He was born on 25 November 1994 in Istanbul.

He attended high school at Sakıp Sabancı Anatolian High School.

She studied acting at Osman Yağmurdereli Art Academy in 2017.

Currently, he continues his education at Özyeğin University Faculty of law.

“1. "Turkey" in the Miss Cinema Competition 2.si Suğdem Gözalır, who was crowned as” Queen of May “(2015-2016),” 4N1K first love “(2018) and” Second Chance " (2016) film has starred in the series.

Finally, Suğdem Gözalır “Baht Oyunu” series, which began airing in June 2021, is starring as the character “Pırıl”.

Who Is The Baht Oyunu Pırıl?

Although he knows everything that's going on at the company, it's his job to look reckless…

Shimmer is a receptionist for Bora's company in her mid-20s.

Although he knows everything that is going on at the company, he seems indifferent to what is going on.

Height And Weight

It is 1.68 cm tall.

It weighs 56 kg.

It has Sagittarius features.

With its beauty, the young player Gaye Sökmen continues to participate in new projects as registered with the Management Agency.

As of the time of this post, he has 185,000 followers on his Instagram address.

This number is also expected to increase rapidly as episodes of the Baht Oyunu series progress.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/sugdemgozalir/

It is not yet known where the player is originally from, whether he is his lover.

As we give interviews in the following days, new information may emerge.

So let's remind you that we can update our article…

Films And Series

Baht Oyunu - Pırıl (TV series 2021)

Kardeş Çocukları - Aleyna (2019 TV series)

Çiçek (TV Movie 2018)

4N1K - Merve Cengiz (TV Series 2018)

İkinci Şans – Burcu (2016 Motion Picture)

Mayıs Kraliçesi - Simay (TV Series 2016)


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