Who is the ‘Öykü Candanadam’ that gave life to the character 'Emine Karadeniz' in the series Kazara Aşk? How old is he and where is he from? Horoscope, height and weight. Series and films he has played to date. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram address. Wikipedia information. The answers to all these issues and questions are being wondered by the audience. For this reason, we have prepared a detailed biography article with information about the player. In this way, you will be able to get the answers you are looking for. Of course, new information will emerge over time. In this case, let's remind you that we can update our article. Here's the Öykü Candanadam's life…

Who Is Öykü Candanadam?

Öykü Candanadam is a theatre and TV actor. He opened his eyes to the world on September 4, 1990 in Izmir. He is originally from Izmir. He completed his higher education at Çanakkale Oneknek March University, Department of performing and Visual Arts, acting major art branch in 2015.

He graduated from Academy 35.5 art house in 2009 and has received numerous and various acting trainings. In front of the cameras for the first time, ‘evidence on fire’ with the character of Naz in the series.

Currently, the talented actress is in the role of Emine Karadeniz in the series ‘Kazara Aşk’, which is broadcast on Star TV screens.

Öykü Candanadam, which bears the characteristics of Virgo, is 1.66 tall and weighs 54 kilograms. He continues his life in Istanbul. He continues his active career as registered with the Fire Management Agency. He actively uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As of the moment of this article, he has 3000 followers on his Instagram account.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/oykucandanadam/

Twitter address https://twitter.com/OykuCandanadam

Serials Starring Öykü Candanadam:

2021-Accidental Love (Emine Karadeniz) (TV series)

2016-Evidence On Fire (Naz) (TV series)


2011-2012 Dance Workshop (Erdem Gündüz)

2011-2012 Pantomime Workshop (Alexander Iliev)

2012 Makeup Workshop

2014-2015 Object Theatre Workshop (Tamtam Objektentheater)

2014-2015’ the Secret Of The Story: A Visual investigation " workshop (Lies Kortenhorst)

2014-2015 Dance Workshop (Korhan Başaran, Alper Maranoz, Paul Vickers, Elena Valls)


2015 Erasmus European Union Project " Art for Peace –- theatre workshop instructor

2015 Erasmus European Union Project "Agriculture" - Participant

Biography Drama Scene

2010-background (Dance Theatre)

2011-Salon (Dance Theatre)

2013-Bald Singer

2013-Mr. Kolpert

2013-Çanakkale Çanakkale (orotorio)

2014-Cherry Orchard

2014-A Place In The Middle Of The World

2014-Dinner With Friends

2015-House Of Bernarda Alba

2015-Miss Margarida Method

2015-Beckett (Adaptation From Short Plays By Samuel Beckett)

2016-The Other Death Of Joan Of Arc



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