MELTEM GÜLENÇ Biography! Series (KALP YARASI ZÜMRÜT) Age - Height And Weight

 Kalp Yarası series, which is nominated to be the favorite series of atv screens with the ratings it receives, continues with all speed. The lives of the actors featured in the series are also often explored by viewers. One of the most curious players is Meltem Gülenç. Viewers are trying to learn about the actor who took part in the series with the character of Zümrüt Varoğlu. Zümrüt Varoğlu, whose real name is Meltem Gülenç? How old is she? Where is he originally from? The answer to such a large number of questions Is wondered by those who watch the series. For this reason, we have prepared a biography article on the life of the player with the answers to all these questions. Horoscope, height and weight. We also included information such as Instagram address in our article. In addition, we have presented serials and films for you as a list. Here's the life of the master player!

Who Is Meltem Gülenç? How Old Is?

Meltem Gulenç is an actor in theater, TV series and film.

He was born in Ankara on 30 May 1970.

Gülenç, a graduate of the theatre Department of the Faculty of language and history and geography of Ankara University and the architect Kemal high school, started his professional acting career in 1999 with the play ‘losses’ made by Rutkay Aziz in Ankara Art Theatre.

Acting as an actor and assistant of the regime in various plays at the Ankara Art Theatre until 2002, he had the opportunity to work with many valuable artists and masters of the Turkish theatre, such as Erol Demir, Altan Erkekli, Rutkay Aziz, Hakan Güven, Levent Ülgen, Serap Öner, Nurshim Demir, Metin Balay.

In 2002, he was appointed as a staff artist at the Trabzon State Theatre.

In 2007, he continued his career at Antalya State Theatre.

Currently, he works as a staff artist at the Ankara State Theater.

Productions In Which He Starred

In addition to his theatrical career, he has also acted in many series and motion pictures simultaneously.

In 2012, he had his first experience of acting in front of the camera with the character’ Hacer‘, which he portrayed in the Television Series’ 2 Yaka Bir Ismail'.

In 2015, he succeeded to be engraved in memory with the character’ Rana Mertoğlu‘, portrayed in the series’ Güneşin Kızları'.

Sen Kiminle Dans ediyorsun? he appeared in the film Latife.

In 2017, he gave life to the character of ‘Fitnat’ in the series ‘Kızlarım İçin’, ‘Hanife Candan’ in the series ‘Bir Deli Rüzgar’ in 2018 and Zeynep in the series 'Azize'.

He played the character Mahbube in the TV series The Şeref Sözü, which aired on Show TV in 2020, but the series unexpectedly made an early finale.

Currently broadcast on atv screens, the series called Kalp Yarası gives life to the character of Zümrüt Varoğlu.

Who Is Kalp Yarası Zümrüt?

Zümrüt are all.⁣

Hande's mother, Hussein's wife, Azadeh's childhood friend, whom he calls “fate" ... ⁣

But who is Zümrüt really? He doesn't know it himself.⁣

Always altruistic, always selfless, but a life spent caring for Azadeh is his...⁣

Zümrüt is Hande's mother, and Azade's friend from childhood.

He comes from a middling family.

A woman decked between the country and the city.

His tastes are simple, but he consults those who know the job.

The respect shown to Azadeh is not shown to Zümrüt, and the power attributed to him is not shown to Emerald.

The project marriage of the two sons is very important, as it will provide him with them.

Where Is He Originally From?

He Is Originally From Ankara.

It is 1.64 cm tall.

It weighs 58 kilograms.


She is active in her career as a registered agent for Act plus Talent.

Facebook and Instagram users on social media have 62,100 followers at the time of this post.

This number is expected to rise rapidly as episodes of the Kalp Yarası sequence progress.

Instagram address

Films and series starring Meltem Gülenç

Şeref Sözü (Mahbube, TV series 2020)

Azize (Zeynep, TV series 2019)

Bir Deli Rüzgar (Hanife Candan, TV Series 2018)

Sen Kiminle Dans Ediyorsun? (Latife, 2017 Motion Picture)

Kızlarım İçin  (Fitnat (Selva mother-in-law, TV Series 2017)

Güneşin Kızları (Rana, TV Series 2015)

2 Yaka Bir İsmail  (Hacer, TV Series 2012)


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