MAHİR GÜNŞİRAY Wife! (KALP YARASI ADNAN) Series - Age - Height And Weight

 A series of Kalp Yarası that include Master and young players from each other in their squad continues to be watched with interest. For this reason, viewers are also doing research on the actors involved in the series. Those who follow the series often search search engines for decidedly different information about the lives of the players. One of the most curious players is Mahir Günşiray. The real name of the actor who plays the character Adnan in the series Kalp Yarası is Mahir Günşiray. And who is Mahir Günşiray? Where is he originally from? How old is she? Who is the wife? The answers to all these questions are wondered by viewers. For this reason, we have prepared a biography article with answers to these questions. At the end of our article, we have shown the series and films that the master player has played to date. Here is the life of Mahir Günşiray…

Who Is Mahir Günşiray? How Old Is?

Mahir Günşiray is a film and TV actor.

He is also a theatre actor and director.

He was born in Istanbul on 10 August 1960.

The master artist has a career history of almost 55 years.

When he was two years old, his mother and father separated.

He spent his childhood with his paternal grandmother and grandmother.

The veteran actor, who stated in interviews that he had a naughty childhood, usually came home with ten weak report cards.

The artist, who attended Primary School in Maçka primary school, attended high school in 4 different schools.

He attended Işık high school for a year.

When he moved to Levent, his father enrolled him in the New Levent high school because it was close to home.

The best grade he received in two years from biology was 1.

From there, he enrolled at ABC high school, enrolled at the school before being expelled, and went to Fenerbahce High School, where he did not finish.

He eventually left high school after two years of high school and attended a year of hotel management school.

Before his acting career, he worked in a hotel and then DJed and modelled.

After that, he entered an insurance company and then engaged in marketing.

Mahir Günşiray, son of artist Orhan Gunshiray, is a graduate of the theatre department of Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory.

He received a master's degree at the Workshop Theatre, University of Leeds, and a doctorate in art from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of performing and Visual Arts.

He worked at Bursa State Theatre, Istanbul State Theatre, Theatre Studio, Theatre an der Ruhr (Germany), Theatre Ti and Theatre Playhouse, and also acted in films and series, and directed Samuel Beckett's video film “Film” in 1985.

He had his first acting experience in 1965, when he was 5 years old, with the film Son Son, in which he appeared with his father.

He has been an instructor at various universities and private educational institutions since 1987.

Adnan Sancakzade gives life to the character in the series Kalp Yarası, which is currently broadcast on atv screens.

Who Is Kalp Yarası Adnan?

A man who spent his entire life working, who took over after marrying Azade and became stronger with his own nails.

Now he slowly tries to pass things on to his sons.

At the time, he suffered a lot from Azadeh's jealousy.

As he became overwhelmed, he fled to others.

Azade has cotton and wheat fields from his father, as well as furniture factories that export abroad.

Hussein also has joint tourism and hotel investments.

Adnan is a man who has managed to climb from the bottom to the top with his intelligence.⁣

Hardworking and ambitious.⁣

Azad's wife, who couldn't give up.⁣

He's seen enough to cover his dark sides...⁣

But Secrets also exist to be revealed!⁣

Who Is The Wife?

Mahir Günşiray, who resigned from the state theatres in 1997, married the theatergoer Ayşe Lebriz Berkem in 1988.

Gunshiray, who had a son named Can, later divorced his wife.

He made his second marriage in 1988 to Frenchman Claudia Leon, a decor costume designer, with whom he has a son, born in 1996.

A complete lover of the sea, the artist also loves to cook.

It bears the characteristics of Leo.

He is 1.84 cm tall and weighs 75 kilograms.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are used in social media. At the time of writing this post, he had 7,100 followers on his Twitter address. Blue click's official Instagram account also has 83,300 followers.

Twitter address

Instagram address

Films Starring

Tuhaf Zamanlar  – 2015
Sürgün 2013
Çanakkale: Yolun Sonu – 2013
Dila Hanım – 2013-2014
Uzun Hikaye- 2012
Gül Dünya – 2009
Aynadaki Düşman -2009
Mahşer- 2007
Gitmek: Benim Marlon ve Brandom Gitmek – 2007
Kaybolan Yıllar – 2006
Seni Çok Özledim – 2005
Ayışığı Neredesin – 2004
Çaylak – 2003
Parçalanma – 1998
Yer Çekimli Aşklar – 1995
Avrenos’un Müşterileri – 1995
Borsa – 1993
Metamorfoz – 1992
Sarı Tebessüm – 1992
Seni Seviyorum Rosa – 1992
Kaldırım Serçesi – 1989
Ayaşlı ve Kiracıları – 1989
Baharın Bittiği Yer – 1989
Dudaktan Kalbe – 1988
Bebek – 1979
Oğlum Oğlum – 1965

Played TV Series

Kalp Yarası – 2021
Muhteşem İkili – 2019
Fazilet Hanım ve Kızları – 2017-2018
Kış Güneşi – 2016
Çilek Kokusu – 2015
Urfalıyım Ezelden – 2014
Dila Hanım – 2013
İffet – 2011-2012
Hanımın Çiftliği – 2011
Bıçak Sırtı – 2008
Sağır Oda 2006-2007


1998 Turkish Publishers Association Freedom of thought and Expression Award (on behalf of 185 artists, writers and intellectuals who signed on as publishers of the book Freedom of thought)
2002-2003 Art Institute “Artist of the Year " for Best Director


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