İNANÇ KONUKÇU Biography (KALP YARASI SİNAN) Series - Age - Height - Weight

 Who is İnanç Konukçu? (Kalp Yarası Sinan) Where Is he originally from? TV series and movies he played in. How old is she? Zodiac sign, height, weight. Biography. Is he married?

Who Is İnanç Konukçu? How Old Is? From where?

He is an actor in theatre, TV series and Motion Pictures.

İnanç Konukçu was born on 10 November 1985 in Keçiören, Ankara. He has 1 Daughter and 3 brothers.

His childhood years were spent in Keçiören.

He attended high school at Keçiören high school.

Before he began his acting adventure, he acted in children's games and was an animator.

He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of language and history and Geography, Department of Theater, Department of acting.

After that, he worked under contract in theater plays at the Ankara State Theater.

Series And Movies

In 2005, he had his first acting experience in the series Hope in the dark.

In 2010 – 2013, Behzat Ç. He became known for his portrayal of the Ghost character in the TV series I buried you in my heart.

He then played in the TV series Majnun with Leyla.

In 2013, Behzat Ç. He starred in the film Ankara is burning.

From 2013-2014, he gave life to the character Doctor Nazmi in the decoy series.

He has appeared in numerous motion pictures such as strange times, Butcher's air, tight dress, escape brother, Nasipse Adayiz, Pure White.

Also Swallow Storm, Behzat Ç. He acted in TV series such as an Ankara Police Station, the House where you were born is fate, null and void.

Especially his acting performance with the character Meto in the TV series Where You Were Born is fate was very appreciated.

In 2021, Siyad was awarded the Best Supporting Actor award for his acting performance in Nasipse Adayiz cinema.

In the series called Kalp Yarası, which is currently being broadcast on atv screens, Sinan Sancakzade gives life to his character.

Who Is Kalp Yarası Sinan?

His mother is a man in Azadeh's shadow. Ailesi his family is everything to him. AZ he never had his own decisions, desires, passions, never questioned what Azade said. Herkes anyone who tries to be an Ideal father and son will be tested with something in this life...⁣ he will be tested with his heart and nothing will be the same. San the advantages and disadvantages of being the eldest son of the sanjakzadeh family live together. He studied business to take over the family business, but he also had no ambitions, as everything in his life was easily ahead of him. So he can leave the work at the factory to Yaman's initiative from time to time. He is not as determined and dominant a businessman as his brother Ferit, whom he loves very much.

From where? Height And Weight

He continues his acting career as a member of Inanç Konukçu Abdullah Bulut Management Agency.

He Is Originally From Ankara.

He is 1.80 tall.

It weighs 72 kilograms.

Currently, he continues his life in Istanbul.

He plays for Fenerbahce football team. He has no known lover.

Social Media Accounts

The successful player actively uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As of the time of this post's publication, it has 26,000 followers on its Facebook fan page. Blue click has 53,600 followers on its official Instagram account. He has 25,500 followers on Twitter. All of these numbers are expected to rise rapidly as episodes of the heartache series progress and ratings increase. We added the addresses of the player's social media accounts to our post..




Films And Series Starring


Kaçma Birader (2016) Kasap Havası (2015) Tuhaf Zamanlar (2015) Behzat Ç. :Seni Kalbime Gömdüm(2011) Behzat Ç.: Ankara Yanıyor (2013)


Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir (2020) Behzat Ç: Bir Ankara Polisiyesi (2019) Vurgun(2019) Adı: Zehra (2018) Kırlangıç Fırtınası (2017) Kaçak (2013-2015)


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