Zindagi ki Mehek Series 7. 8. 9. Episode Summaries

 Indian series Love Burns 3 as of June 23. The episode will be on Channel 7 screens. The trailer video for the series has yet to be released. But since the series was also broadcast in other countries before our country, it is possible to get information about what might actually happen in the series. Since the original episodes are short, the series is broadcast by combining episodes in our country. For those wondering what will happen in the series, which will come to screens with its third episode on Wednesday, June 23 at 20:50, and 3. 2 when the episode aired. For those who missed the episode, we have prepared a series of analysis and summary articles. If you want, you can get information about what will happen in the series from our article. Also at the end of our Article 3. we'll add the trailer video for the episode when it's released as well. You can watch the entire episode from the Official Channel 7 site and YouTube channel. The Link is at the end of the post.

Zindagi ki Mehek 7. 8. 9. Episode Trailer And Summary

Kanta and Jeevan get into a heated argument with Ravi and Mansi over the money they need for Mehek's marriage. Seeing the family fighting, Mehek becomes upset and is forced to intervene. Later, at the dinner table, the rest of the family also participate in this discussion, and the family continues to bond. Mehek takes away his cousins Snehal and Mohit and discusses a plan with them. Later, when he hears Snehal and Mohit fighting, the whole family runs upstairs. But while the whole family manages to stop the fight, the children start laughing and teach the family a good lesson.

‘I Don't Want A Dowry, I Want The Peace Of My Family’

Mehek sits alone on the stairs and blames himself today for the first time because of him two uncles have fought, Mehek “I do not want dowry, I want the peace of my family” by saying that the hearts once again manage to establish the throne. Mehek, who is waiting for a message from Shaurya, does not receive a response this time and thinks that he is busy, while Shaurya is not busy, his priorities are different. Kanta calls Pammi and says that our conversation is incomplete Pammi hangs up the phone, and Kanta leaves, saying that she is trying to escape from us, and the reason why Mehek does not have a job and is overweight.

Mehek wants to cook at his friend's wedding, but Aunt Kanta won't let him. The reason for this is competition. All his friends got married and stayed home. But Mehek never thinks badly and accepts this offer, but Kanta prevents him. Benevolent Mehek goes to the wedding unbeknownst to his aunt, informing grandmother and preparing the dishes again. Because everyone likes his food, Mehek makes the food, but not everyone knows that he does it, here's a real friend! Mehek prepared the food and returned home, but did not return empty-handed and brought Pammi with him. Kanta rejoices when she sees Pammi, Kanta only wants to marry Mehek first and get out of the competition.

Pammi has an offer to marry Adjay and Mehek. His proposal is that he will participate in the cooking competition and prepare the dishes for Mehek and win the competition. This offer upset Mehek because he thinks it's cheating. Kanta accepted this offer in the same way in Mehek, and the competition is tomorrow. Grandma knew Pami was up to something.Later, Sharuya and Mehek talk. Mehek tells him about the situation, Sharuya understands Mehek and tells him that he has done something good Mehek is relieved. Mehek and Sharuya meet once again Mehek likes Shaurya. Mehek went to the kitchen and cooked again.

Zindagi ki Mehek Series 7. 8. 9. Episode Trailer

Grandma screamed, the whole family is agitated, everyone gets up and goes to Grandma's. Everyone thinks something's happened to him, but the reason for his Scream is completely different. The great anen has 1,000 followers on Twitter. The whole family is surprised because no one knows what Twitter is. Mehek congratulates grandma and says it was a great achievement.

In the morning, Kanta tries to wake Mehek, but Mehek cannot wake up, Mehek wakes up, although it is difficult, and immediately goes to the kitchen. Because today is an important day. Kanta and Mehek pass by and prepare a nice meal. Kanta sends Mohit to the market and asks him to take what is on the list he gave. Mehek always cooks at home alone, but this time the whole family helps him. Kanta asks Mehek not to eat fried food. For Kanta, today is the most important day, because if today is completed successfully, Mehek's marriage will take place. Mehek tries to put on Nehal's clothes and it doesn't fit in and as he forces it, the dress is torn in half in the middle. Mehek is given a suit and the whole family is ready.

Nehal became lovers with the man Mehek was going to marry. The episodes that make a person tell their sister how to do this are waiting for us. Mehek and his family have already gone to the competition. One of the Juris is Shaurya. Here's where the first eye-to-eye occurs. Mehek falls to the ground and faints while Shaurya and Mehek come eye to eye and the episode ends here.

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