Zindagi ki Mehek Series 4. 5. 6. Episode Summaries

 Zindagi ki Mehek 2. Tuesday June 22 – Episode Trailer And Summary

Indian series Love Burns 22 as of June 2. The episode will be on Channel 7 screens. A promotional video for the series has not yet been released. But since the series was broadcast in other countries before our country, it is possible to know what can actually happen in the series. Since the original episodes are short, the series is broadcast by combining episodes in our country. Tuesday, June 22 at 20:50 for those wondering what will happen in the series, which will come to screens with its second episode, and 3. 2 when the episode aired. For those who missed the episode, we have prepared a series of analysis and summary articles. If you want, you can get information about what will happen in the series from our article. Also at the end of our Article 2. We'll add the trailer video for the episode when it's released as well. You can watch the entire episode from the Official Channel 7 site and YouTube channel. The Link is at the end of the post.

Zindagi ki Mehek 4.5.6 Episode Trailer And Summary

In the final episode, two people came to the mansion to arrest Balwant. Series 2 in the first scene of the episode, Ravi (Mehek's uncle) and Kanta are informed of the news that Balwant will be arrested. Meheki gets up from Ajay's house, where they go to marry him, and they go straight to the mansion. Ajay gets into a crisis of joy because he won't marry that fat girl at the time. The whole family laughs at him while Balwant is bewildered at the time. Ravi and Kanta then come and save Balwant from this incident by talking. The family again states that no one likes Mehek. Mehek is upset about this. Mehek treats everyone in the mansion with a pure heart, compassion, while those in the house care about his marriage. Mehek made tea for his aunt, and his aunt stated that he was very unfair to her. Mehek says that he should not apologize for being thin-hearted, a person who wrote on Facebook at the time responded to Mehek. The person who responds is Shaurya. Mehek was excited at that moment because he had never seen the recipes he saw on his page before. Mehek had been waiting for a response for days, but Shaurya had not responded. Shaurya and Mehek meet and greet each other, on the other hand, the family does not know about this. Let's see what the family who finds out about this in the next episodes will do. After a long conversation, Shaurya removed Meheki from friendship, most likely unimpressed with him.

Zindagi ki Mehek 4.5.6 Episode Summary Continues!

Mehek immediately enters the kitchen to make a nice meal. Because he has a daily routine, we will often see him in the kitchens in this series, and we will really get enough of the food. Shuarya continues to navigate Mehek's profile, and the recipes catch his attention. He probably liked your recipes, too. Later, Mehek entered into a wedding. Since he does not have a cook, Mehek is asked to enter the kitchen. The wedding he entered into is the wedding of Shital's daughter. Mehek also spilled food here. Mehek accepted this offer because he was a benevolent and naive person. Immediately after, you have been wondering who makes these dishes. At the time, it was revealed that Mehek made the food, although Mehek was hesitant. Everyone starts asking him questions and asking for directions. It's the first time Mehek has faced such a situation and he doesn't know what to do. Mehek was nervous when he was talking to people, especially when he was talking to someone he didn't know, let's see what that trait would do to him. Ravi and Mansi go to get the red car they ordered without knowing everyone, when they leave, they get the news that their car is on fire, stating that they will give them a new car. Mehek will marry Nehal, and preparations for this have begun slowly. Shital proposed that if Mehek could not marry Nehal, he could be a cook at weddings, saying that his food was very delicious. He even managed to establish a throne in the heart of everyone by saying that’ Mehek can even open a shop and his food tastes better than that of all sellers'.

Mehek's aunt once again told Mehek, ‘stop making sweets in this house, find yourself a husband!'he comes out hard by saying. Mehek has stopped researching ways to lose weight to get rid of their weight, to see what happens at the time! Shaurya stole Mehek's recipe and touted it as his own, and seeing it, Mehek had a nervous breakdown. It's probably the first time he's had a recipe stolen. 2. This is the end of the chapter summary. 3. Discuss in the section…

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