Zindagi ki Mehek Series 10. 11. 12. Episode Summaries


In the last episode, Mehek falls to the ground and faints due to starvation, while in the first scene of the new episode, Shuarya gives Mehek chocolate and thinks that his candy has fallen off.

Shuarya makes Mehek eat chocolate with his own hands, but he puts it in his mouth.

We were rude when we said We were going to watch a romantic scene, thank you, Shuarya.

Shuarya then turns back, puts on his glasses and comes eye-to-eye with Mehek.

That's love at first sight! The reason Mehek fainted was because of his aunt, who didn't put a bite into his mouth in the morning for the contest.

Immediately after, Pammi and her son Adjay are waiting for an opportunity to make fun of Mehek, as the grandmother wants to take Meheki home, but Kanta does not allow it.

Everyone is using Mehek for their own benefit, except grandma!

Juries are left to taste the dishes in turn, but Shuarya states that he will not taste the dishes.

Pammi and Mehek entered the kitchen, and Pammi's eyes were surrounded by great ambition.

Nehal has seduced Adja, making her chase after her, cooling her off from her sister.

At that time, it was counted backwards from 5, and the competition has now begun.

Mehek prepares food, Pammi dips food, there is no benefit, and the harm is many.

Jeevaan's toilet at the time, the door is locked, and Adjay and Nehal are inside.

Adjay and Nehal will almost go to earth out of fear.

Mehek and Sharuya once again saw eye to eye, with seconds left to finish the contest.

All the spectators and the family are watching with curiosity who will win.

And Mehek is trembling with fear.

Mehek, I did not make these dishes to marry Adjay, saying, “I did it to make Pammi lady happy,” once again set up a throne in the hearts.

All the contestants ' dishes have been tried and interpreted, and it's time for Pammi's plate. Of course, it's not known how much it's called Pammi's plate.

After all the candidates were eliminated, Pammi won the contest, but soon the facts will be revealed.

A competing contestant videotapes everything and proves that Mehek made the food.

Mehek is called to the stage to give the prize, but Mehek has escaped the competition, the prize has been given to Çavla.

Although Mehek does his best, Pammi judges him again, the fruit-bearing tree is excluded from the Pammi lady.

Pammi once again humiliates Mehek and puts him in the ground, tells Mehek that no one will marry him, and leaves.

Grandma buys everyone ice cream and manages to restore morale.

On the other hand, shuarya admired Mehek's food, and even stopped investigating who he was.

Kanta, on the other hand, hugs Mehek and becomes sad. He regrets what he did to her.

Kanta and Mehek go to work and call Pammi on a private number and say everything that goes through her, and that's what should be on top of all the words.

Mehek and Shuarya continue to chat on Facebook, but they don't even know each other's real names yet.

They're too hot for each other.

Shuarya and his assistant invite Pammi to his cage to find Mehek's home address, but Pammi does not give them the information he wants and gets up angry.

Radjiv has found Mehek's shop and can't wait to eat his food as soon as possible.

It is in shuarya.

Mehek prepares and serves dishes.

Shuarya found the food salty and spat it out.

Mehek came to his mind and filled the Salt. And the episode ends here…

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