Zindagi ki Mehek Series 1. 2. 3. Episode Summaries

 On a dark day, Mehek, a lover of food, prepares breakfast, and on the other hand, sings music. Mehek's biggest hobby is cooking. Let's see what his hobby will do to him in the next episodes. Grandma arrives and makes fun of Balwant. At that time, Mehek prepared custard. Then Pammi calls and tells her that she and her son Ajay will come to ask for Mehek, Mehek and the whole family are bewildered. The family is confused and happy for this news, because no one likes Mehek because of his weight and hobbies, and they do not want to get married. The whole family has stopped preparing, Mehek is still cooking. Even as the groom and his family arrived at the mansion, Mehek was moved by his aunt, who saw him preparing. Later, while Mehek's sister was handing out coffee, our son-in-law Ajay fell in love for a short time, thinking that he was the bride. Ajay was very disappointed when Grandma said she was Mehek's sister.

'Everybody wants to be a cop, a doctor, why are you cooking?’

Then Ajay and Mehek go out on the terrace and the whole family asks him to turn on the TV, while there is a big match in India. Ajay Meheke Our shy daughter Mehek does not accept the necklace and is afraid. Ajay, like everyone else, came to ask for his money. Because Mehek's uncle is a hotel owner. Mehek tells Ajara that he is a cook in a restaurant and enjoys cooking too much. Ajar judges his hobby like everyone else by saying,’ everyone wants to be a cop, a doctor, why are you cooking?' Ajar again tries to humiliate Mehek by stating that he wants his wife to have a profession. Ajar, who says he will not marry someone who chokes onions in the kitchen, leaves Mehek's side.

‘You Made Us Smaller!’

When the whole family says that Mehek cooks a good meal, they again underestimate Mehek's talent by saying,’ we make a good meal, but the food is made as long as there is money.' From this, we understand that Pammi and her family have come to ask for Meheki's money. Later, Ajay comes and winks at his mother, and then asks for permission. The whole family is scattered until Mehek's family gets caught up in the TV, immediately after that Mehek comes and says that I told him ‘I only work in the restaurant’. The whole family would say, ' You Made Us smaller.’ He then gets angry at his aunt Mehek, saying, ‘we grew up as housewives, some find you overweight, some don't like your height.’

His grandmother is by Mehek's side and protects him. No one likes Mehek when the whole family is trying to get him married, most likely in future episodes, Mehek will find his love of life. After all that happened, Mehek goes into the kitchen and makes a good meal again. Mehek makes dishes and distributes them to the whole family, and everyone likes the food very much, as always. Mehek then navigated the Facebook app one day saying’ I'll Find My True Love who will like my food ' and uploaded a photo of their food and someone sent a friend request. That person is the one who will be Mehek's true love. Like the current lovers, they met through social media.

Has Mehek Found His Love?

Minutes and hours pass, but he doesn't respond to Mehek's message. Then Mehek enters his profile and looks at the recipes and is shocked, Mehek has already found his true love, who actually has the same hobbies. And he goes straight to the kitchen and develops himself by experimenting with the recipes he finds. In the morning, during breakfast, it is discussed that Mehek will gain a lot of weight because he makes good food, while the grandmother goes on the defensive and states that they should not interfere with Mehek. In the coming episodes, he will probably be the biggest supporter of grandmother Mehek.

Grandpa has been constipated no one can keep the mixture that Mehek made, Mehek comes and prepares the mixture. The whole family is looking for a groom to get Mehek married as soon as possible. Mehek's uncle and aunt went back to Ajay's house. They won't rest until they get him married. no one likes Mehek, who gained weight because he made delicious food. On the other hand, Ajay's family again states that they want a working girl. Aside from that, Grandma called the police and they came to pick up Balwtant. In further episodes, we'll find out why they arrested Balwant.


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