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 After the TikTok application, many social media platforms turned to short videos. In 2021, Shorts developed by YouTube began to be used by millions of users. First available in India, Shorts is currently actively used by 2 billion users worldwide.

In Shorts, which is currently in Beta, Youtube announced that money could soon be made. Short videos, which have recently managed to take over the trends section, now even million channels are focused on throwing short videos because they are ahead of long video uploaders. Even those who continue to produce Normal content are a little troubled by this situation. In fact, a new feature has been introduced. Any video from long videos has the ability to crop the desired location up to a minute and be published as Shorts.

What Is YouTube Shorts?

Upright videos up to 1 minute are called short videos. YouTube is showing these short videos in a Explore section called Shorts if they get interest. Serious monitoring can be achieved.

In this article, which videos are most viewed in the Youtube Shorts section? How to upload video? We'll answer all the questions you have in mind like this. We'll give you some advice and ideas on some issues. Here are YouTube Shorts video recommendations...

1-Dance Videos

One of the most watched categories on Youtube shorts is undoubtedly dance videos. Fun dance videos, especially those of women, are watched by millions. If you share a 10-to 60-second dance video that will amaze viewers, people will interact and like your video.

2-Children's Videos

Children's videos are undoubtedly one of the most watched video categories since Youtube was founded. Youtube Turkey's most watched video also took the first place in the list of most watched videos with 1.1 billion views. If you upload funny moments that you spend with your child in the form of a short video, the number of views of your video will reach high figures. But remember that YouTube does checks on every video that has a child in it. He has certain rules.

3-Sections From Sequences

Another category that has taken over YouTube's trending system is the series category. The channels that keep up with it are now generating huge revenues from YouTube. As we can see in shorts, channels that share memorable series scenes get a million views. Of course, as with the rule of everything, this can lead to rule violations on the Youtube platform. As for copyright, YouTube is a stricter platform than any other platform.

4-Behind The Camera

This advice is more for producers. Behind-the-scenes videos or series that you share get a lot of attention in The Shorts section. People will be very interested in it when you share behind the scenes of your experiments.

5-Magic Show

Although not everyone can do it, if there is a magic trick that you know, you can share it as a short video. Viewers will look at the comments section to find out how this is done. It is possible to achieve great interaction by doing so. In the Shorts section, there are millions of examples of shorts videos that are watched on this topic.

6-Game Videos

When you talk about the game, Pubg Mobile, stash, Brawl Stars immediately come to mind. In these games, you can get millions of views by recording the funny moments, cool strokes on the screen. Yes, you didn't hear wrong by doing this, they have hundreds of thousands of subscribers with sharing channels Shorts. If you also record short images from the games you play and share them in the form of short videos, you can get great views.

It is unknown what place Youtube Shorts will come in the future, but it seems that Youtube has now turned its direction here. Channels that upload short videos are one zero ahead in YouTube's eyes. By keeping up with this, you can generate income in the future and grow your channel. Of course, when doing these things, you need to pay attention to YouTube's community and terms of Service.

How To Install Short Videos?

If you upload your videos from your mobile device by opening the Youtube app and pressing the + button and pressing the 'Upload Video' button and typing #Shorts in normal format (9:16) and less than 60 seconds, your video will be uploaded.

For now, we will discuss this much other advice from us.


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