New Series By Murat Yildirim

 After the Ramo Series, Murat Yildirim was the subject of great curiosity about which series he would take part in. Fans were wondering which New Series Murat Yildirim would return with. There were various rumors about which Series Murat Yildirim would play. While all this was going on, the confusion in the heads ended with the news of Birsen Altuntas from TV 100. So what was the new series of the famous actor? Here are the details…

After the series of Ramo, Murat Yildirim will return to the screens with which project was the subject of great curiosity. The famous actor was interviewed by O3 Media for the show TV series “Aziz”.

Recai Karagoz will direct the visual design and project installation of Zeynep Günay Tan, who completed the filming of the club, while Aziz's script bears the signature of Eda Tezcan, who also wrote “Pansai”.

Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan and Fırat tanış were also offered for the series, which is about an influential period story set in Antakya. Casting auditions for the series, which will be filmed in Istanbul, are still ongoing.

Many series sites in Turkey receive news from Birsen Altuntas. If you want to learn more quickly by following TV 100 and Birsen Altuntas, we leave the Twittter address here.

Source: Birsen Altuntas


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