Cast Of Pavitra Rishta Series! Channel 7's New Indian Series

 Indian series fans were excitedly waiting to see when a new Indian series would begin on Channel 7. Finally came the news of the New Indian series. The new series is called My Crown. And who are the Chief Crown players? What is the subject of the directory? In particular, the answer to these two questions is very curious. For this reason, we have prepared a very detailed article for you with information about the series.

How Many Episodes Will My Chief Crown Indian Series Last? When Will He Make The Final?

The International title of the Pavitra Rishta series, which aired 1424 episodes in 24-minute episodes on Channel 7 India, is’ sacred affair ' but will be broadcast on Channel 7 under the title of Chief Crown. The series, which has been awarded many awards, will probably be broadcast by combining three episodes with us and will last close to 500 episodes. When was it taken? if you're wondering, let me know right away. October June 1, 2009 in his home country, the series began on October 25, 2014 in a fairly old series finale. And when will the series of my crown begin? What days will it be published? What time does it air? So who are the players? What Is The Subject? In this article, we have prepared a detailed introductory article for you that contains the answers to all these questions.

When Will The Indian Series Of My Crown Begin?

My head Crown-Pavitra Rishta starts very soon on Channel 7. Pavitra Rishta, produced by Ekta Kapoor, is preparing to meet with Indian series lovers under the name of my Chief Crown. Archana and Manav's love, born of a great misunderstanding, will come to the screen with my head Crown. The title series will be on Channel 7 screens on 21 June at 19.00.

My Head Crown Promotional Video

Promotion of my Chief Crown

What's The Subject Of The New Indian Series My Crown?

Manjusha creates a misunderstanding that Manav is a mechanical engineer with a garage, while Archana's mother Sulochana corrects her marriage to Manav Deshmukh. Eventually, Archana and Manav marry, and his family learns that Manav is just a mechanic.

Gradually, Archana and Manav fall in love. Manav's younger brother Sachin dies in a car accident and his fiancée Shravani is pregnant with his child. Archana and Manav divorce each other so that Sachin and Shravani's baby will have a bright future. Manav and Shravani's marriage improves and Archana leaves Mumbai and completes his higher education.

A whole new adventure begins on Channel 7 screens. Pavitra Rishta, who stormed the screens during the broadcast period, comes to take her place on the screen under the name of my Chief Crown. Starring Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput in the lead roles, my head Crown aims to lock the audience on screen with its exciting episodes.

Archana's sister-in-law Manjusha makes them marry, saying that Manav is a good mechanical engineer. But after Archana gets married, he finds out that Manav is actually a mechanic. This fact hits Archana like a slap in the face. But although Archana thinks that she has been lied to, she still does not give up her marriage. On the other hand, Manav's brother Sachin dies in a car accident. His pregnant wife Shravani remains alone. Manav's family tells him that he should leave Archana and marry Shravani. Archana, who reluctantly leaves Manav, leaves the city. Will Archana, who returns years later, be reunited with greengrocer? Will Shravani be able to raise his child without a father? What will The Grocer decide between the two women? All and more will take your place on the screen with my head Crown.

A love story that started with big misunderstandings will soon take its place on Channel 7 screens with my head Crown.

Director: Ravindra Gauta

Producer: Ekta Kapoor

Screenplay: R M Joshi Anil Nagpal Gitangshu Dey Vikas Tiwari Nidhi Singh Neha Shrivastava Ved Raj Shweta Bhardwaj Dialogue

Cast: Ankita Lokhande, Sushant Singh Rajput, Hiten Tejwani Rajput, Usha Nadkarni, Asha Negi, Rithvik Dhanjani, Shruti Kanwar, Mrinalini Tyagi, Ankit Narang, Ankita Lokhande, Karan Veer Mehra, Ruhee Bagg

Chief Crown Indian Series Cast (Full Cast)

Starring The Main Cast

Ankita Lokhande Archana Deshmukh olarak (2009-2014)
Sushant Singh Rajput / Hiten Tejwani – Manav Deshmukh (2009–2011) (2011–2014)
Usha Nadkarni Savita Deshmukh olarak (2009-2014)
Asha Negi Purvi Deshmukh olarak (2011-2014)
Rithvik Dhanjani Arjun Kirloskar olarak (2011-2014)
Shruti Kanwar Ovi Deshmukh olarak (2011-2014)
Mrinalini Tyagi Tejaswini Deshmukh olarak (2011-2014)
Ankit Narang Soham Deshmukh / Raghav Mhatre olarak (2012-2014)
Ankita Lokhande Ankita Karmarkar olarak (2013-2014)
Karan Veer Mehra Naren Karmarkar olarak (2013-2014)
Ruhee Bagga Pari Kirloskar olarak (2013-2014)

Later Involvement And Departures

Savita Prabhune Sulochana Karanjkar olarak (2009-2014)
Ajay Rohila / Kishori Govind Mahabole – Manohar Karanjkar (2009) (2009-2011)
Parag Tyagi Vinod Karanjkar olarak (2009-2013)
Priya Marathe Varsha Deshpande/Jhumri olarak (2009-2013)
Prarthana Behere / Madhumita Das Vaishali Jaipurwala olarak (2009–2011) (2011–2013)
Swati Anand Manjusha Karanjkar olarak (2009-2013)
Jia Mustafa Poornima Mittal olarak (2011-2013)
Shivani Tomar Ruchita Karanjkar olarak (2011-2013)
Smita Meşe Rasika Lokhande olarak (2009-2013)
Yamini Thakur Vandita Lokhande olarak (2009-2013)
Prabhat Bhattacharya
Pankaj Vishnu Ajit Lokhande olarak (2009-2011)
Anurag Sharma Satish Deshpande olarak (2009-2011)
Shalini Arora Bhavna Deshpande olarak (2009-2011)
Pawan Mahendru Mohan Deshpande olarak
Sumit Arora Dharmesh Jaipurwala olarak (2010-2011)
Sujata Vaishnav Bayan Jaipurwala olarak (2010-2011)
Divjot Sabarwal – Madhuri Jaipurwala (2011)
Aniket Jaipurwala olarak Rashul Tandon (2011-2013)
Ajay Wadhavkar Damodar Deshmukh olarak (2009-2014)
Sunil Godse Vishwasrao Deshmukh olarak (2009-2011)
Raj Singh Suryavanshi Sachin Deshmukh olarak (2009-2010)
Pooja Pihal Shravani Mahade olarak (2009-2011)
Anıl Mishra Girish Mahade olarak
Manasi Salvi Ashna Kirloskar olarak (2011)
Naved Aslam Digvijay Kirloskar olarak (2011-2013)
Puru Chibber Sachin Deshmukh olarak (2011-2012)
Anubhav Srivastava, Chibber’in yerine Sachin Deshmukh olarak (2012-2014)
Shakti Arora Dr. Onir Dutt olarak (2012-2013)
Karan Sharma Sunny Khandeshi olarak (2012-2013)
Ketki Dave Snehlata Khandeshi olarak (2012-2013)
Jignesh Khandeshi olarak işaretle Parakh (2012-2013)
Priyanka Kandwal Gauri Shinde olarak (2012-2013)
Mahesh Shetty Jaywant Rane olarak (2010)
Mansi Sharma Neena Deshmukh olarak (2013-2014)
Nishant Raghuwanshi Prashant Mhatre/Deshmukh olarak (2013-2014)
Aparna Dixit Mansi Kamble olarak (2013-2014)
Manish Naggdev Shashank Kamble olarak (2013-2014)
Kreesha Şah Sonu Deshmukh olarak (2013-2014)
Akash Nath Pranav Deshmukh olarak (2013-2014)
Niveen A Ramani Gaurav Deshmukh olarak (2013-2014)
Jinal Jain Pushti Deshmukh olarak (2013-2014)
Karishma Sharma Pia Kirloskar olarak (2013-2014)
Sheeba Chadha Rushali Karmarkar olarak (2013-2014)
Vikrant Chaturvedi Shirish Karmarkar olarak (2013-2014)
Sumukhi Pendsey Sunanda Karmarkar olarak (2013-2014)
Ranjeet Singh Raunak Karmarkar olarak (2013-2014)
Minal Mogam Kinnari Karmarkar olarak (2013-2014)
Karan Suchak Shekhar Gupta olarak (2013-2014)
Ria Gupta olarak Ria Sehgal
Amit Sareen Ashwin Sagar olarak (2009-2010)
Ashlesha Sawant Urmila Sagar olarak (2009-2010)
Eva Shirali Swati olarak (2009-2011)
İrfan Razaa Khan Prakash olarak
Savita Shivaskar Sundri olarak (2011-2014)
Aryan Prajapati Nikhil olarak
Ranvijay olarak Mukul Harish (2014)
Anuradha Namdar Charulata olarak (2012-2013)
Mohit Sehgal Pradeep olarak
Maneka Lalwani, Shalini olarak (2013)

Summary Of Later Episodes Of The Series For Those Wondering

2 years later
Archana is now educated and has returned to Mumbai. Shravani gave birth to a child named Sachin. Sulochana decides to marry Archana to Jaiwant. Coincidentally, the marriage of Manav and Shravani coincides with the wedding of Jaiwant and Archana. At the last moment Manav and Archana marry each other and thus reunite. Shravani goes abroad, giving Junior Sachin to Archana and Manav.

4 years later
Greengrocer is now a rich businessman. Manav and Archana have a son named Soham. Archana gives birth to two twin daughters named Ovi and Tejaswini. Archana's childless sister Varsha soon kidnaps Soham and escapes with him, presumed dead.

Manav, along with his entire family, moves to Canada without Archana, assuming that he does not want to continue their relationship due to Savita's plot. Archana adopts a girl and names her Purvi.

18 years later
Manav is forced to return to India to finalize their divorce, and they are ordered to have a six-month flirt together before being passed over.

Then, the show turns its focus to its children. Ovi is in love with Purvi while Arjun is in love with Kirloskar. Soham is found to be alive as a drifter in Bihar. Ovi blackmails Purvi into accepting Archana into the family, and Purvi sacrifices his love for Arjun, begging him to marry Ovi, and then leaves the city.

Meanwhile, Tejaswini learns of Savita's plot against Archana and Manav and reveals him and they are reunited.

6 months later
Purvi, a famous gynecologist, Dr. He married Onir. Ovi is also pregnant but has a lot of complications. Onir and Purvi return to Mumbai to treat Ovi. Unfortunately, Ovi loses his child and Purvi secretly replaces his baby with Ovi's Onir. But soon the truth is found out and Ovi divorces Arjun. Onir and Purvi also divorce. Eventually Manav and Archana decide to marry Arjun and Purvi so that their daughter Pari gets the full family.

Soham falls in love with Gauri, his cousin Sachin's fiancée, and when she is rejected, he kidnaps her and escapes.

Ovi learns that Arjun is pregnant with his child, whom he became pregnant with during his marriage to her in a drunken state. Purvi finds out about Ovi's newborn baby Pia in a way that suggests Arjun is cheating on her. She leaves with her daughter Pari and her family.

20 years later
Purvi visits Mumbai 20 years later. He encounters Arjun at a work party. After much effort, he realizes the truth of Pia and Ovi, but suddenly Arjun realizes that he has a tumor in his brain. Arjun and Purvi reunite. They go to Australia for Arjun's treatment and Pia helps Ovi reunite with his family and family. (They do not appear again in the show until the end).

The show shifts its focus to Ankita and Soham's four brothers, Prashant, Maansi and Sonu, who are their children. Ankita marries Naren Karmarkar, who is mentally disabled. Naren is traumatized after the death of his lover “Ahaana”and assumes that Ankita is Ahaana. Naren gets much better and they consummate their marriage.

On Pari's wedding day, Naren discovers that Pari is Ahaana and is traumatized again. Naren, who has now regained his memory and banished Ankita from his life and home. Ankita gives birth to their daughter Ashi, but her mother steals the baby to give it to Naren and Pari and tells Ankita that she is dead.

5 years later
Pari realizes that Ankita and Naren still love each other and that Ashi is their daughter and leaves them. Ankita and Naren merge.

Purvi and Arjun return to Pari, who accepts his parents after a while, and live as a family. Ovi also returns with her daughter Pia and lives with her as a single mother.

Manav-Archana, Arjun-Purvi and Ankita-Naren together commemorate their “Pavitra Rishta”. However, Manav encounters a fatal accident and Archana dies of grief. Their souls are shown to be together in heaven and express their undying love for each other.


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