ADA MASALI SELMA - NİHAN BÜYÜKAĞAÇ AGE! Married? Biography - Who Is The Wife? Height And Weight

 The Ada Masalı series, which is being broadcast on Star Tv screens, continues to be watched with interest. The real lives of the characters in the series, which includes a large number of talented and young actors in the cast, are also the subject of curiosity. At the beginning of the most curious players is Nihan Büyükağaç, who is also in the series with the character of Selma.

The name of the tale follows the sequence in search engines Nihan Buyukagac viewers who? From where? How old is she? Is he married? Who is the wife? He searches for information about the player with numerous question sentences such as. The series and films he has played to date are curious. In addition, information such as height, weight and horoscope are also among the topics that are curious. Instagram and Twitter are also being investigated. We have prepared a biography article so that you can get detailed information about all these topics. Let's remind you in advance that if we can get new information over time, we can make additions to our article.

Who Is Ada Masalı Selma? Who Is Nihan Büyükağaç?

Born in Istanbul on September 28, 1981, Nihan Büyükağaç graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of language and history and Geography, Department of theatre.

In 2006, she played Tamara in the series Storm.

In 2009, he appeared in the film Ask Your Heart, directed by Yusuf Kurçenli.

Between 2011 and 2013, he starred with the fictional character Gulshah in the Magnificent Century series about the life of Suleiman The Magnificent.

In 2016, he starred in the film Oflu Hocanın Cipher 2 with the character Asiye. Brave and Beautiful, The Bandit will not reign over the world, he has appeared in numerous series such as I have waited so long for you.

Istanbul player Nihan Büyükağaç, 1.72 meters tall, 57 kilograms and Libra.

He is married to Murat Yildirim and is the mother of one child. He actively uses social media. As of the time of this article, he has 51,500 followers on his official Blue click Instagram address. Ebru Demiroz's manager is currently giving life to the character of Selma in the Island Fairy Tale series. We would also like to remind you that he also performed in a theater play called The King.

Instagram address

Some films and series in which he played:

Island tale (Selma Bozturk, TV series 2021)

Despite Everything /Regardless (Sevim, Motion Picture 2021)

I waited so long for you (Sibel, TV series 2020)

Bandit does not rule the World (Spring, TV series 2019-2020)

Canevim (Feryal, TV series 2019)

One Hope is enough (Nihan, TV Series 2018)

Oflu Hoxha's Cipher 2 (Asiye, 2016 Film))

The brave and The Beautiful (2016 TV series))

Oflu Hoxha's Cipher 2 (Asiye, 2016 Film))

Queen of the night (Emine, TV Series 2015)

Affairs of the heart (flame, TV series 2014)

Sevdaluk (Fatma Gedik, TV Series 2013)

The magnificent century (Gülşah, TV series 2011-2013)

Earth Sky Love (TV Series 2010))

Separation (2) (Mina, TV series 2009)

Ask Your Heart (Feriye, Film 2009))

Class (TV Series 2008))

Derdest (Aysun Tezcan, TV Series 2008)

Other than you (2) (Emel, TV Series 2007))

Storm (Tamara, TV Series 2006)

The fifth dimension (Gulten, TV Series 2005)

The great Rendezvous (TV Series 2005)


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