ADA MASALI NEHİR - Who Is EYLÜL ERSÖZ? Biography - How Old Is She? Sequences

 The Ada Masalı series, which continues to broadcast on Star TV screens, continues to be watched with interest by viewers. For this reason, viewers are conducting research about many actors involved in the series. At the head of the most curious players is the young player Eylüle Ersöz.

Who Is Eylül Ersöz? Biography

Who is the actor who often portrays the character of the Nehir in the Ada Masalı series? Who is Eylül Ersöz by his real name? How old is she? Where is he originally from? Various search queries are taking place, such as Wikipedia information. For this reason, we have prepared for you an informative biography about young talent. We've researched the series he's played so far for you. Height, weight and horoscope information such as we have included in our article. We also added Instagram and Twitter to our post in case there are people who can't find it. Of course, over time, information may become outdated or new information may appear. So it is worth reminding us in advance that we can update our article in the future. Here is the life of Eylül Ersöz…

How Old Is She?

Eylül Ersöz was born in Istanbul on September 6, 2001.

After completing his high school education at Adygüzel Arts High School theater department, he received special acting training.

He experienced his first acting experience with the Gulperi series, which aired on Show TV screens; the cast included names such as Nurgül Yeşilçay, Temuçin Esen, Tarık Pabuçcuoğlu, Ece Sukan, Burak Dakak, Onur Bilge, Gülçin Kültür Şahin, Şefika Ümit Tolun, Ezgi Gör, Emir Özyakışır.

He played the character of Zeliha in this series and then began to appear in various series.

In 2021, he appeared as a guest actor in the TV series Grown Up Zeynep, which aired on the EXXEN digital platform.

In the same year, he appeared as a guest actor in the series Hekimoğlu, which aired on Kanal D screens.

Currently, it gives life to the character of the Nehir in the series called Ada Masalı, which is broadcast on the TV channel Star TV.

He appears in the series as Haziran's rebellious, mad but heartfelt nephew.


Selma's daughter and June's cousin, Nehir, whom she has never met before, adores June. A very intelligent young girl, River constantly takes on different identities with the confusion brought about by adolescence. Beneath its gothic appearance lies a young girl who believes in fairy-tale love, and the river hides its romantic side from everyone.

Height And Weight

The successful actress is currently pursuing her acting career by being registered with the Television Management Agency.

Eylül Ersöz continues his life in Istanbul.

A young talent who is also curious about where he is originally from is a member of the Army.

He is the sign of Virgo. He is 1.61 tall and weighs 47 pounds.

He previously performed a song called I told The Young Talent stars, which opened a YouTube channel.

The young player, who actively uses Twitter and Instagram, has 20,200 followers on Instagram at the time of this post.

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