Who Is Zeynep Demirel? How Old Is She? Height And Weight! Biography

 New cast members continue to arrive in the Seksenler series. One of the newcomers to the series, which will be broadcast once a week in the summer, is Zeynep Sever Demirel. There are many interesting topics about the famous name that will appear in the series with the character Amelie as Chagatai's wife. It's curious how old he is and where he's from. In addition, information such as height, weight and horoscope is frequently searched in search engines. That's why we've prepared a biography for you. In addition, thanks to the video we have prepared, you can also get information in a visual way with voice narration.

Who Is Zeynep Demirel?

Zeynep Demirel life https://youtu.be/mmg2ıjnouzm

Zeynep Demirel was born in Istanbul on 9 July 1989.

His full name is Zeynep Sever Demirel.

After attending primary school in Kusadasi, he and his family settled in Belgium at the age of 12.

In 2009, she was selected first in the Miss Belgium pageant.

She was also among the top 15 in the World Beauty Pageant.

She then briefly took up modeling and professional photography.

Married To Volkan Demirel

On September 21, 2010, she married Volkan Demirel, who was Fenerbahçe's file guard at the time.

The couple has two children, Yade and Yeda.

A famous name who is a production company is also a director in flower nose, who won awards from four different places with a documentary called Elmaci, which he shot.

He graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of cinema and television.

Where Is He Originally From?

He is of Azerbaijani descent and is originally from Igdir.

He's a crab.

He is 1.78 tall and weighs 57 pounds.

Zeynep Demirel, who pays great attention to her diet, regularly sports.

He's a nature lover and an animal lover.

A famous name who loves to read books in his spare time closely follows fashion.

YouTube And Instagram Address

He is also actively using social media.

She makes videos and shares on fashion, clothing, makeup, cosmetics, skin care and beauty topics on her YouTube channel and Instagram account.

As of the moment of this article, the official Blue click Instagram account has 509,000 followers.

His YouTube channel has 79,400 followers, and the total viewing of his videos is close to 6 million.

’It Will Bring Life To The Character Of Amelie In The Seksenler'

A famous name that has recently started to be included in the cast of the Seksenler series will portray the character of Chagatay's Belgian wife ‘Amelie’ in the series.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/zeynepseverdemirel/

YouTube channel address https://www.youtube.com/channel/ucz2pmuayhtn-xxinfıvnehw


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