Who Is SEMA ÖZKAN? How Old Is She? Height And Weight

 Who is BKM Mutfak player Sema Özkan? How old is Sema Özkan, who is part of the Çok Güzel Hareketler 2 staff? CHGH 2 Where is Sema Ozkan originally from? What is his height, weight and sign? What are the series and movies he's played in? Does he use Twitter and Instagram? The answers to all these questions are curious and frequently searched in search engines. For this reason, we have prepared an article where you can find the answers to these questions. In this way, you will be able to access answers from our biography article, which contains detailed information about the famous player. Let's also remind you that we can update our article if new information comes in time.

Who Is Sema Özkan?

Sema Özkan was born on 22 February 1984 in Antalya.

He continued his life in Antalya until his university years.

He started Theatre in his junior high school years.

He came to Istanbul for a bachelor's degree and finished teaching Social Studies at the Faculty of Education of Marmara University.

But then he wanted to do acting, saying,” teaching wasn't for me."

To this end, he began his theatre training after one day throwing all his KPSS books into recycling.

Theater Workshop, TIYED, şişli Municipality Anadolu University theater acting, drama instructor

and he received training in front of the camera acting.

After various trainings from improvisational theater training to musical, Eric Morris technique to front-of-camera acting; he started Shahika Tekand's Studio Actors and graduated from there.

Over the years, he has been happy to take part in various projects and reach many audiences.

He is currently acting in the Çok Güzel Hareketler 2 team.

He continues his professional career by registered with stand Talents Management Agency.

Height And Weight

1 Daughter is her mother. They had a daughter in 2016.

It's Pisces. He is 1.65 tall and 62 kg. He Is Originally From Antalya.

Social Media Accounts

He uses Instagram more on social media. As far as we know, he doesn't use Twitter.

As of the time of this post, it has 56,800 followers on its official Instagram address.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/semaozkan__/


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