Who Is SAFA SARI? How Old Is She? Height And Weight

 Who is Safa Sarı who often mentions her name with her imitations and excellent acting performances? How old is she? Birthday. Where is he originally from? Does he have a girlfriend? What's his height and weight? A lot of questions like this about the player Çok Güzel Hareketler 2 are searched in search engines. For this reason, we have prepared a biography article where you can find the answers to all these questions. We also talked about the series and films he was involved in. We also added Twitter and Instagram to our post. Here are all the details about the famous actress…

Who Is Safa Sarı?

We have gathered for you all the details we can find about the famous player who is among the BKM Mutfak players. Let's also remind you that if we can get new information over time, we can add it to our article. In addition, let's announce here that all ÇGHB 2 players ' biographies are also available on our site.

How Old Is She?

Safa Sarı was born on June 22, 1992 at Zeynep Kamil Hospital in Üsküdar, Istanbul.

His childhood was spent on the streets in mud, dirt, playing cake.

During his childhood, he had a mischievous and mischievous habit, and he made his mother work hard in this sense.

This misbehaviour continued through his primary school years.

He attended primary school at Ertugrul Gazi primary school.

He attended Kaynarca Şevket Sabancı high school.

He developed an interest in acting from an early age. He went to the school's Theatre Club and his love of theatre continued to grow.

His first role at school was as a boy eating apples.

He Entered The Talent Competition!

In 2009, he participated in the talent you are Turkey competition and managed to reach the final.

In 2015, he played the character Semih in the series he called me Daddy.

After that, he worked for 3 years in the 3-Man program.

He is now in the BKM kitchen team, which he covets, which he looks at with envy, which he has long had dreams of being in.

He writes sketches and performs in plays within the team of very beautiful movements 2.

Height And Weight?

He continues his professional career by registered with stand Talents Management Agency.

He plays for the Fenerbahce football team. Not unless we tell him he has a beautiful voice. He's a crab.

120 kilos. (A text in the Pihlis video said that I didn't weigh no more than 120 kilos ) he is 1.83 tall.

Where Is He Originally From?

He continues his life in Istanbul. Originally, The Army Is Famous.

Does He Have A Girlfriend?

It is also wondered if he has a lover. He does not currently have any relationship with ‘as far as is known’.

Social Media Addresses

The successful player does not use social media much. He uses Twitter and Instagram occasionally. As of the time of this article, his Twitter account has 15,800 followers. His blue-ticked Instagram address has 312,000 followers.

Twitter https://twitter.com/safasari

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/safa__sari/


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