Who Is Kalp Yarası Vedia? Who Is YONCA ŞAHİNBAŞ? How Old Is She? From where? Sequences

 Who's Vedia from the Kalp Yarası show? Who is Yonca Şahinbaş by his real name and where is he from? How old is she? Is he married? Series and films he has played to date. Height, weight and sign. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and YouTube address. Wikipedia information. All these issues related to Yonca Şahinbaş are curious. For this reason, we have prepared an article for you about his life. You can learn about the artist thanks to a biography article that contains information about him.

Who Is Yonca Şahinbaş?

Yonca Cevher Şahinbaş was born on 6 July 1972 in Istanbul.

He is a stage, film, TV actor and voice actor.

He is also a presenter and musician.

Şahinbaş graduated from Mimar Sinan University, State Conservatory, Theatre Department in 1994 and is the daughter of artist Mahmut Ore.

Yonca Cevher Şahinbaş, who was acting in state theatres during her education period, started her voice acting work in 1991.

In addition to his role in Bakırköy Municipality theatres, he is also a presenter, acting in films and series.

She is best known for her villainous female roles.

He experienced his first series experience with the Pride series.

Asmali Konak managed to stand out with many series such as Thousand And One Nights, where is my daughter, Dila Hanım, never give up, new bride.

In 2019, Eser Taşkıran was the arranger and in “" Don't tell them", "Bende Derman You", " Red Rose Ali Var’,

’ Now you are far away “and” Erguvan", which features a moving potpourri, presented the album to the taste of music lovers.


Yonca Şahinbaş has a son named Ali Deniz from her marriage to stage designer Ali Yenel and married actress Koray Şahinbaş on January 10, 2015. He continues his life in Istanbul.

Currently, he continues his artistic career at Bakırköy Municipal theatres.

He currently appears in the series heartache with the character Vedia.

From where?

From his father's side, he was originally from Bursa Gemlik.

He's a crab. It is 1.64 cm tall. It weighs 56 kg.

He actively uses social media.

As of the time of this article, he has 2,230 followers on his YouTube channel, 102,000 followers on Instagram, and 7,478 followers on Twitter.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/yoncasahinbas/

Twitter address https://twitter.com/yoncacevher

YouTube channel address https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVr_8a-8GT3vsFUD_zRMEQA


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