Who Is EDA AKALIN? How Old Is She? Height And Weight! Biography

 Who's Suna from the Seksenler? Who is his real name Eda Akalın? Where is he originally from? What is his height, weight and sign? Does he use Twitter and Instagram? Do you have Wikipedia information? Does he have a girlfriend? Is he married? What are the series and movies he's played so far? All these queries are frequently searched in search engines about Eda Akalin, who portrays the Suna character in the Eighties series. For this reason, we will try to include the answers to all these questions in this article.

(Seksenler Suna) How Old Is Eda Akalın?

With a lot of effort, we put together all the information we could find. As there are no interviews yet about the player, of course, there may be minor shortcomings and errors. Let's remind you that if we can get new information over time, we can update our article. From our biography article, which contains information about the player, you can find answers about topics that you are interested in.

Actor Eda Akalin was born in Istanbul on 18 July 1994.

Eda Akalin, who was interested in acting from an early age, started performing in theater plays from primary school.

He attended high school at the French High School of Sainte Pulchérie.

His English French theatre career continued in high school with French theatre.

He received first prizes at festivals with the school theatre team.

After that, he studied acting at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center for 2 years.

In 2012, she participated in the Human Rights Conference in Paris with the award for ‘Best Actress’ in the play Carmen.

Washington D.C. for 3 summers to improve English educationC.he studied languages at Georgetown Prep and one summer at the Accord school in Paris to improve his French education.

After that, he started performing at Duru theater and graduated from the Departments of advertising and sociology at Bilgi University.

After returning from Amsterdam, where he participated in the Erasmus program, Craft started an acting workshop and continued his acting education.

He graduated in 2019 after 3 years of training on Eric Morris, Stanislavski and Meisner techniques.

Starring Serials And Films

Apart from acting, the actor who is interested in writing play texts, stories, lyrics and screenplays loves singing, writing, dreaming and, of course, theater.

In 2016, she starred in the short film Deca Beni.

Thanks to her acting performances in the short films she took part in; Craft School ‘Best Actress’ and Tevfik d'or Competition Best Actress awards were awarded.

Since 17 Mar 2017, he has created videos about Istanbul on his YouTube channel Istanbul Old City TV.

In 2018, he portrayed the character Ilkay in the series I wish we had never grown up, which aired on Show Tv screens.

In 2019, she starred in the film What's left of the tales.

In 2020, Krispi appeared in the commercial film.

Again, in the same year, he was included in the cast of the series Seksenler, which continued for many years on the screens of TRT 1.

He appeared in front of the audience with the character of Suna in the series and was greatly appreciated for his acting performance.

Height And Weight

A successful actress who continues her career by registered with the agency Famelog Talent Management also works as an English Drama Instructor. English French Spanish is a very equipped name, eda akalin speaks a total of 3 languages, including English, French and Spanish. He's a crab. He is 1.76 tall and weighs 60 pounds.

Where Is He Originally From?

We couldn't find out where the player was originally from. Whether he was married or had a lover was also among the issues that were wondered, but this information is also not available.

Social Media Addresses

Facebook and Instagram player does not have a known Facebook and Twitter address but uses Instagram. At the time of writing this post has 3,052 followers.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/edaakaln/


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