Who Is BEGÜM ÇAĞLA TAŞKIN? How Old Is She? Height And Weight

 There are many topics that viewers are curious about Begum Çağla Taşkın, who is among the BKM Mutfak players. Çok Güzel Hareketler 2 we have prepared an article about the young talent who has made his name with both his beauty and his magnificent acting performance in the staff.

Who Is Begüm Çağla Taşkın?

Begüm Çağla Taşkın, who faced the audience with a very different character in the sketches he took part in, managed to get a full note from the viewers of ÇGHB 2 players. For this reason, his personal life is very curious. It is curious where he is originally from, his height, weight and how old he is. In addition, search queries such as whether he is married or has a lover are also heavily written into search engines by citizens. We have prepared a biography on all these curious topics. We have tried to prepare an article where you can find answers to your questions to a large extent. Of course, we couldn't find all the information, but let's remind you that we can update the article over time.

Çok Güzel Hareketler Begum Çağla Taşkın Where Is He Originally From?

He was born in Bursa on August 15, 1987.

He graduated from private Namik Sözeri College in 2001.

He attended high school at Bursa Cumhuriyet high school and finished in 2004.

He won the Izmir University of Economics Department of Economics in 2005 and graduated from it with success in 2010.

However, he did not want to continue his career and turned to acting, which was his childhood dream.

In 2011, he was signed to Actor Studio in Izmir MSM.

There, his teacher Apo Kaya convinced him to take the aptitude test at the Müjdat Gezen Conservatory, and his main adventure began.

He studied singing from Lütfi Danube, diction from Serap Hatipoglu, camera acting from Levent Berber, acting from Hülya Savaş and Apo Kaya.

The conservatory years were the best years of his educational life.

He graduated from there in 2013, loving the fact that what he worked on every day was not econometrics but a play.

He worked as an assistant director to Hira Tekindor in the Game Workshop “who is afraid of the treacherous Wolf”.

He then starred in Haluk Bilginer's play “the river”.

Besides these, he also acted in the plays Dear Doctor and Twelfth Night.

And after all, he joined the BKM team. He found himself in a chirpy 22-man squad.

He met Yilmaz USTA.

In 2018, he joined the team of Çok Güzel Hareketler 2, where he still continues to act and write sketches.

Apart from her theatre career, she also acted in commercials such as Turkcell, Shell, Falim, Istikbal furniture, Findeks, Nef and Odeabank.

He also appeared in the film Oha, in the role of ‘Star’.

Height And Weight

A successful player continues his career as a stand talent manager. Leo. He is 1.72 meters tall and weighs 57 pounds. She uses Instagram alone on social media and as of the time of this post, she has 140,000 followers. There is no information as to where she was originally from, her lover or her marital status. In time, it will be understood as you give new interviews.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/begumctaskin/

Unknown Information

He has also designed and directed films such as strawberry time, Eleni and Aret and Evelina.

Series and films starring Begum Çağla Taşkın:

2019- Very nice moves these are 2 (TV series)

2019 - Organized Works 2: Carp Sarmalı (Bahadır's Friend) (Motion Picture)

2018-Jet socialite (TV series))

Work Experience

* CB & FT LTD. ŞTI. - Coordinator 05/2008 -10 / 2010


* Strawberry Time (2011) – Actor/Production Supervisor

Director: Gulten Taranç (Fiction 15’)

*Aret with Eleni (2011) – Actress

Directed By: Gulten Taranç

* Evelina (2011) – Actress

Director: Gulce Tezer (Fiction 5 ' 21’)

* DEU GSF Film Design and directing 2. Class Film Editing Lesson Clip Work-Actress

General Director: Öğr. See. Dr. Sali Saliji

* Turkcell Smart Warehouse Wedding Ad (2015) - Actress (Bride)

* Ghosts of strange-player

Director: Patricio Valladares

* Future Furniture Ad (2016) – Actress (Mother)

* Findex (2016) – Actress (Florist)

* Shell (2016) – Uncredited

* Nef (2016) – Actor

* Odeabank (2016) – Actor

Theatrical Play:

* Dear Doctor (2011) - Nina Mikhailovna Zarekhnaya

Written By Anthon Chekhov Directed By Apo Kaya

* Twelfth Night (Musical) (2013) - Mari

Written By William Shakespeare Directed By Apo Kaya

* River (2014) - Third Woman

Written By Jez Butterworth Directed By Haluk Bilginer

* Who's Afraid Of The Treacherous Wolf (2013) – Assistant Director

Written By Edward Albee Directed By Hira Tekindor

Special Abilities

Skiing, horseback riding, fencing, painting, singing, dancing

Foreign Languages

English (Spanish), Spanish (entry level), English (advanced degree), English (advanced degree))


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