Who Is ATAKAN ÇELİK? How Old Is She? From where? Who Is The Wife? Height And Weight

 Who is actor Atakan Çelik? Who is the wife? How old is she? Where is he originally from? The answers to all these questions are very nicely wondered by the viewers of movements 2. For this reason, we have prepared a biography for you in which these questions are answered like a man. Even if we get new information, let's remind you from the beginning that we can add it to our article.

Who Is Atakan Çelik?

ÇGHB 2 player Atakan Çelik's height, weight and sign are also curious. In our article, we will try to give you all this information correctly. If there are points that we miss or points that we are wrong, you can send them to us by commenting if they want to add. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube addresses of BKM Mutfak player Atakan Celik are also searched by a large number of citizens on search engines. We also added the young player's social media accounts to our post.

How Old Is She?

Atakan Çelik opened his eyes to the world on February 3, 1990 in Beyoğlu, Istanbul.

He graduated in economics at the university. (We have not found which university he graduated from, we are still investigating)

He had an interest in acting from an early age, but as a result of his mother's insistence that “you have an insured job”, he left the theater for a while.

He started working as an insured at an insurance company.

He worked at the insurance company for 5 years so that’ people also get insured'.

An actor who has always had a passion for theater and acting, after finishing university, he played in television, film and advertising projects.

He acted in some private theaters.

He played the character ‘Bahadır’ in the film organized works carp helm.

He was included in the very nice moves 2 team in 2015 and is still involved there.

Series And Movies

From May 8, 2015, she also appeared in the TV series Atakan Çelik Ramo.

Celik, who starred in the series as a guest actor, portrayed a character named Behic.

Atakan Celik Behic remained in the series for a short time in his role, and was poisoned and killed by the character of Cihangir, played by Olgun Simsek, who was among the main characters.

The actor also managed to garner the audience's appreciation with this character.

He also recently said, ' Have you ever seen a Firefly? he also played in the film.

He continues his active career as an artist, registered with the Stand Talents Management Agency.

Music Career

Apart from his acting career, he is also a musician and can play guitar.

His tracks Devran and Burulay have been listened to millions of times on digital platforms to date. All the tracks of the player who also sang Susma, All Seasons spelling, Nalan can be found on the official channel below.

Official YouTube Music Channel address 


Apart from his professional albums, he also sings his tracks from time to time in very beautiful movements 2 sketches.

Experimental Science YouTube Channel With Basfi

Very beautiful movements these are Atakan Celik, who made his name with his stage performance in 2, besides the identity of a musician and actor, he is also a YouTuber.

He is also notable for his scientific experiments with the name Basfi over YouTube for a long time.

He tries to popularize science with the various fun videos he offers to young people.

He's been sharing videos regularly for over 3 years. So far, it has received close to 20 million views on this channel.

Experimental Science address link with Basfi https://www.youtube.com/c/BasfiileDeneyselBilim/

Who Is The Wife?

Atakan Celik Wife

He plays for the Besiktas football team. He is closely interested in the sport of diving. It's Aquarius. He Is Originally From Istanbul. A player with a height of 1.83 cm has a weight of 76 kilograms.

He is married. Atakan Çelik's wife is Zeynep Mızrak.

He entered the World house in 2017 with Zeynep Mızrak.

Zeynep Mızrak was born in 1992 and graduated from Sakarya University in Tourism Management.

Zeynep Mızrak, life partner of Atakan Çelik, continues his business life in the field of home sales marketing within Nestle.

ÇGHB 2 Atakan Çelik projects:

Ramo (2020)

Organized Works Carp Helix (2019)

Very Nice Moves 2 (2015)

Twitter Address

From the part of the article so far, you have already understood that the young and handsome player is very good with social media. He also actively uses Instagram and Twitter. As of the time of this post, the official Blue click Instagram account has 262,000 followers. He also has 16,500 followers on Twitter. His Twitter account is not blue, so you may have been forced to find his address. We'll leave the Twitter address here for you.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/celikatakan/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AtakanEfendi


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